On the search for a wellness getaway? I recently contributed this article to the beautiful and inspiring MANTRA magazine! (You can pick up a copy at your local mag stand or these stores!) In the meantime, if you’re planning to book a getaway and need help narrowing down your options (there are SO many out there!) enjoy this read.


(hint: survey yourself first.)

There’s really nothing like giving yourself the gift of time to restore your body and spirit. I treat the process of choosing a retreat like the opening up of an unending gift, as the benefits of rest, meditation, yoga – and even a change in perspective with new people – continue to enrich my life after I return home.

These days, there is an overwhelming amount of interesting things happening in the world of retreats. Do a quick search online and you’ll pull up Ayurvedic retreats, Wine and Yoga weekends and retreats to help deepen your practice, whatever that may be.

The key to choosing the right retreat is to check your intentions. What specific need would you like a retreat to meet? The following quick survey can help you choose the right experience, so you’ll return home truly thankful for the experience you’ve invested in.

Before you book a wellness getaway, consider which of the following resonates most:

  1. Deepen your practice

If deepening your yoga or meditation practice is your top priority, explore retreats based on the specific practices you’re drawn to. Whether that’s Kundalini, Transcendental, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Shambhala, or Vipassana, there’s a retreat for every tradition. Start by investigating what your favorite teachers or studios have on offer and cross check with the offerings on event sites like Head + Heart, Eventbrite, Facebook Events, and Google.

  1. Gender-bonding

If you’re on the hunt for a gender-specific retreat, to bond with women or men around a topic near to your heart, there’s a retreat for that. Simply search terms like “men’s healing retreat” or “women’s empowerment retreat” and you’ll discover the options happening in your desired location. And while you can expect to pay a pretty penny for some retreats, they don’t all need to be expensive. I recently went on a camping yoga retreat for women that was only $150 and was incredible.

  1. Spiritual growth

If spiritual growth or guidance is your intention, start by identifying the spiritual teachers that most resonate and investigate what they’re offering. Most teachers provide an event page or newsletter sign-up so you can stay up to date with their upcoming events. If you don’t yet have a favorite teacher, it’s easy to get acquainted with spiritual teachers these days, thanks to podcasts such as OnBeing, Buddha at the Gas Pump, and many more.

  1. Wellness or general relaxation

If you want to do a little yoga or hiking, some meditation, journaling, a massage or a glass of vino or two, there are a lot of beautiful options out there for you. If, however, you’re more interested in the location, there are renowned retreat centers in every area of the world.

Whatever your purpose for a retreat, be sure to read the reviews, and ask around to your networks. A personal referral goes a long way. Depending on your particular beliefs, practices and needs, there’s the perfect wellness retreat out there for you. Honour your intention for time away and enjoy the benefits of giving yourself the gift of time.

Start searching now!