15+ Best Oregon Yoga Retreats

Looking for the best Oregon yoga retreats? We’re here to help.

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing wellness vacation, a spiritual reset, or an immersion into your favorite yoga tradition, there’s a little something for everyone in the panoramic state of Oregon. See what’s coming up on the list of retreat options below.

Renewal Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs

At this time of year, many of us need more than rest: we need to fully recharge our bodies and reset our nervous systems. That’s exactly what this retreat, happening at the iconic Breitenbush hot springs in Oregon, is offering you. Head deep into the woods, slow down, immerse yourself in both active and supportive yoga, and experience deep renewal. Join Chiara Guerrieri, bodyworker, anatomy instructor, meditator, and yoga practitioner and Anne Phyfe Palmer, founder of 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, for five days yoga, meditation, guided relaxation, and personal support.

Dates: April 3 – 7, 2020
Location: Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon

Awakened Heart Journey to Veronia Springs

The beauty of going on a retreat is that no matter where you go or how long you stay, you’ll always meet yourself when you get there. Are you ready to listen to a bird singing, deeply breathe in the smell of flowers, grass, or earth, and delight in a soft breeze blowing on your face? Join Julie Bertagna who will guide you to awaken your heart in the magical setting of Vernonia Springs, surrounded by old growth forest, for an uplifting and nourishing experience that might just change your life forever. This retreat includes gentle yoga and meditation, deep connections, accommodations and all meals.

Dates: August 7-9, 2020
Location: Veronia Springs, Oregon

Zen Yoga Retreat at Tipi Village

This Zen Yoga Retreat is an opportunity to connect with others in a natural setting and explore one’s intuitive side through art, discussion, journaling, and movement. During the retreat, you will practice yoga, meditation, and take a walk around the area, generally relaxing around nature and unwinding from your busy life. Highlights include daily yoga, fitness, forest meditation walk, mandala or zen brush work, and 3 nights accommodation + meals.

Dates: June 21-24, 2020
Location: Tipi Village Retreat, Marcola, Oregon

Back to Nature with Autumn Adams Retreat

Join Autumn Adams this summer. Several retreats are coming up below, including her Seventh Annual Women’s “Glamping” Back to Nature Yoga Retreat in Oregon in July 2020. This women’s yoga retreat has been so successful she is offering three sessions in 2020 at the Tipi Village Retreat in Marcola. This all-inclusive three day women’s retreat is designed to help you unwind, deepen your yoga practice, and enjoy Oregon’s beautiful outdoors. Book Early! This retreat will sell out just as quickly as last year and group size is capped at 22.

Dates: Multiple, browse below.
Location: Tipi Village, Marcola, Oregon

If you’re drawn to a particular teacher or style, explore the authentic, renowned yoga teachings at Ananda Laurelwood, true nature immersion at the Deva Daaru Yoga Farm and several practical, soulful retreat options offered via teachers Bhakti Yoga Movement Center. In our opinion, it’s always best to get a personal referral so feel free to reach out if you need a tip!

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Browse Upcoming Oregon Yoga Retreats

Yoga for the Current Times

April 3 @ 3:00 pm - April 7 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Right now, there is a deep, palpable fatigue in our world. Planetary and political climate changes h...

Spring Renewal: Yoga and Ayurveda

April 5 @ 3:00 pm - April 10 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Early April is a transitional time marking the emerging light and warmth of spring. Come commune wit...

Awakening into the Sacred: Yoga & Meditation

April 16 @ 3:00 pm - April 19 @ 3:00 pm PDT
On the sacred land
 of Breitenbush, we immerse ourselves in the timelessness of nature’s wisdom....

The Journey Home

April 19 @ 3:00 pm - April 22 @ 3:00 pm PDT
This workshop will focus on cultivating an honest authentic relationship with ourselves and the jour...

Path of Kirtan: Open Your Voice, Open Your Heart

May 29 @ 3:00 pm - May 31 @ 3:00 pm PDT
The Path of Kirtan explores the ancient practices of kirtan and sacred sound. In this workshop, we...

Yoga Alliance: 200-hr Teacher Training

May 31 @ 3:00 pm - June 17 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Time for change? Are you called to serve? Are you on the yogic path but want more? Is a deeper more ...

From the Mat to Meditation: Asana, Pranayama, Meditation

May 31 @ 3:00 pm - June 2 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Join Jackie and Crystal for an opportunity to step away from the demands and distractions of life an...

Relaxing into Presence: A 4-Day Meditation + Yoga Immersion {Retreat}

June 4 - June 7
Join Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P and Tracy Hodgeman, E-RYT 500 for a special summer meditation & yog...

Mantra for Life: Establishing a Meaningful Practice

June 7 @ 3:00 pm - June 9 @ 3:00 pm PDT
What makes a life unique is to live it with a deep intimacy. This workshop will help establish a pra...

The Light Within – A Yoga and Meditation Retreat

June 11 @ 3:00 pm - June 14 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Light is an inspirational symbol that pervades many of the world’s traditions, serving as a point ...

Restorative Yoga Training – For Wellness Professionals & Curious Students

June 14 @ 3:00 pm - June 18 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Train in the healing methods of restorative yoga while experiencing the peace and beauty of Breitenb...

Women’s Moon Lodge

June 21 @ 3:00 pm - June 23 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Moon Lodge is a celebration of the divine feminine, 
in all her phases. This sacred circle is a sp...

Summer Camp for Yogis: Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda

June 21 @ 3:00 pm - June 28 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Join me in co-creating a week
of nourishing and healing practice 
with a mature and kind-hearted...

The Full Body Elixir and Mandala Journey

June 25 @ 3:00 pm - June 28 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Come immerse yourself in The Full Body Elixir, The Five Tibetans Fountain of Youth and the art of Ma...

Running and Yoga Retreat:
The Best of Both

June 28 @ 3:00 pm - July 1 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Run, eat, soak, yoga, repeat. Join us for three days of trail running and restorative yoga. Whether ...

Yoga and Love: Living Luminously Not Restlessly

July 3 @ 3:00 pm - July 5 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Through practices 
of yoga we experience love, grace, openness, contentment and joy. Yet we don’...

Summer Immersion Yoga Retreat

July 5 @ 3:00 pm - July 10 @ 3:00 pm PDT
As yoga students, we are always learning, filling our wells and receiving deeper insights through co...

SUP Yoga Teacher Training in Portland

July 10 - July 12
YOGA TO YOU PDX SUP YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 2020 This is a SUP yoga certification for registered yoga ...

Restoration Facilitation Retreat: Yoga, Meditation and Feldenkrais

July 16 @ 3:00 pm - July 19 @ 10:00 am PDT
As we age, we can begin to lose flexibility both mentally and physically. We get stuck in habits of ...

Restoration Facilitation: Somatic Movement, Meditation and Yoga

July 16 @ 3:00 pm - July 19 @ 3:00 pm PDT
As we age, we begin to lose flexibility both mentally and physically. We get stuck in habits of thou...

Back to Nature Women’s Yoga Retreat with Autumn Adams

July 17 @ 3:30 pm - July 19 @ 12:00 pm PDT
Join Autumn Adams for our Seventh Annual Women’s “Glamping” Back to Nature Yoga Retreat in Ore...

Back to Nature Women’s Yoga Retreat with Autumn Adams

July 19 @ 3:30 pm - July 21 @ 12:00 pm PDT
Join Autumn Adams for our Seventh Annual Women’s “Glamping” Back to Nature Yoga Retreat in Ore...

Awakened Heart Journey Women’s Recovery Yoga Retreat at Veronia Springs

August 7 @ 3:00 pm - August 9 @ 11:00 am PDT
The beauty of going on a Women’s Recovery Yoga Retreat is that no matter where you go or how l...

The Awakened Heart Journey Women’s Recovery Yoga Retreat at Vernonia Springs

August 7 @ 5:00 pm - August 9 @ 11:00 am PDT
Pause and reflect Calm the mind and nourish the soul Align your mind and heart to awaken compassion ...

Back to Nature Women’s Yoga Retreat with Autumn Adams

September 11 @ 3:30 pm - September 13 @ 12:00 pm PDT
Join Autumn Adams for our Seventh Annual Women’s “Glamping” Back to Nature Yoga Retreat in Ore...