Discover upcoming Sound Meditation and Sound Healing Events in Vancouver:

Vancouver Sound Healing Events

From crystal gong baths to sound meditations to kirtan, there are quite a number of beautiful sound meditation experiences to be explored in the greater Vancouver area.

You might just be surprised by the many ways you can bring sound into your meditation practice.

Some teachers incorporate plant medicine, by burning sage or palo santo; some offer singing and chanting during the sound healing; others offer a guided meditation over the sound, to help your body relax so you can experience a deeper state of self awareness. In all cases, the healing vibrations of sound serve to bring our bodies into a deeper state of relaxation and inner connection.

If you’re in the Greater Vancouver area, here are the sound experiences we’d recommend you check out:

  1. Intimate Chakra Opening. Part guided meditation and part sound journey, this meditation and chakra healing at Liberate Your True Self in Port Moody is a beautiful chance to explore a sound healing meditation in an intimate group. Led by teacher Amelie, you can expect a grounded teaching in a sacred, cosy space with around 10 people or less. Amelie offers to do an energy reading for each person, and will share personal insights with each person who attends. Check out the next one here.
  2. Kirtan: EnChant, featured in the photo here, is a monthly community gathering of open-minded souls for call and response chanting, also known as Kirtan. The practice of Kirtan is a type of yoga/sound meditation which is said to offer many mind-calming benefits. For many, the practice has a powerful heart-opening effect and it is best understood through direct experience (hint, hint). The voices of the group are accompanied by traditional instruments such as the Harmonium, Mridanga (drum), and Kartals (hand cymbals). EnChant is a warm community, and definitely worth exploring if you love the mysterious sounds of Indian music. Gatherings happen regularly- check the schedule here.
  3. Shamanic Journey and Sound Healing: The lovely Angela Prider hosts regular sound meditation experiences around the Lower Mainland. Her approach is called ‘a practical path into a sacred life’. Angela has studied with many indigenous traditions and modalities from her native Ireland to Mexico to here in BC. The experiences she offers are highly sensory, with a wide range of sounds, smells, and even touch as she comes by to offer rosewater on your hands, and sometimes weaves in soul singing during the meditation.  Check her site for the latest events.
  4. Breathwork Sound Journey. Ancient Fire is a Dojo in the Olypic Village area that offers martial arts during the day, and wellness events in the evenings. Here, you’ll find Breathwork Sound Journeys around once per month. The majority of these events is focused on breathwork, with sound being a supportive tool to guide the meditation. I highly recommend these beautiful events, led by Amber West. This a truly special place to practice heart opening, with a like-minded community. Check their schedule here.

These are four of the experiences that we have explored and highly recommend, but there are MANY more happening around the Lower Mainland, including the regular Gong Baths and Sacred Sound Meditations at Yoga Union in Delta with Mike Nichols.

If you’ve been to a sound meditation or sound healing you’d recommend, let us know about it! Comment on our Instagram here. And if you’re living somewhere else in North America explore the sound meditation offerings near you by searching Head + Heart and selecting “sound meditation” and your city. There are so many beautiful teachers ready to guide you!