Top Breathwork Teachers + Events Around Vancouver

Breathwork may just be the most powerful wellness tool for healing and clearing stuck emotions, and as a support to nervous system repair, and overall embodiment. Here are a few of the breathwork teachers we’d recommend around Vancouver. Explore our full list of recommended breathwork practitioners to discover practitioners who offer 1:1 in person sessions and virtual sessions. Learn more about the practice of breathwork.

Jenn Field

On the Sunshine Coast at the serene Halfmoon Haven, you’ll discover the work of Jenn Field, a noted breathwork practitioner and facilitator who has studied and practised multiple styles of breathwork over the years. Jenn Field offers Level 1 Breathwork and Advanced Breathwork training for those interested in learning to offer breathwork. She also leads community breathwork journeys on the Sunshine Coast, which are open to all.

Carmen Ganne

Carmen Ganne is an advanced breathwork practitioner who specializes in Conscious Connected Breathing. Carmen is a powerful space holder, and her background in therapy and yoga means each session is quite holistic, addressing where each person is at, and providing the emotional integration needed for nervous system reset and deep transformation. She facilitates group and private breathwork events around the Lower Mainland, and in Bali.

Monica Krake

Monica’s breathwork sessions are an invitation to land in your body, connect with your heart, and give yourself the gift of accessing your true Self. Breathwork is a powerful way to connect with the innate intelligence of the body, to tap into our essential Selves, and to support any re-patterning that’s needed as we shift into living in a state of wholeness and ease. Monica offers 1:1 sessions, group breathwork sessions in Port Moody, and The Ceremony, a ceremonial approach to helping women get clear on their vision and purpose, and bring it all to life with a beautifully branded website.

Amber West

Breathwork teacher Amber West holds a powerful space for the intimate and transformative shamanic-style breathwork circles she leads. You can expect an element of meditation and energy healing when you do breathwork with Amber. She also offers one-to-one guided breathwork sessions, which are very powerful.

Bree Melanson

Offering international and online workshops and experiences, Bree brings a unique approach to spirituality, using chanelled meditations and breathwork together. As a breathwork practitioner, she provides cutting edge concepts and somatic tools to reawaken your innate intuitive connection, unblock deep unconscious limitation, and activate your highest potential. Her live breathwork sessions in Vancouver are typically sold out, so be quick and she also offers some great online sessions and programs.

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