Recently, we really enjoyed getting to meet Ashley Avinashi, and learning about her very personal journey to launching Raising Humanity, an organization that supports parents on their awakening journey by providing guided programs, a network of the world’s top teachers, and a community of support.

In the work we do at Head + Heart, we’ve come to believe the world is in a special state of openness to deep change. We hear from people every day who feel and recognize a need to live in greater alignment with their true selves. It seems like globally, there’s a growing movement of people out there becoming aware of the need to return to a state of grounded, sovereign being. For those who are on the awakening path, we need community and we need guidance to get there. And of course, for parents, the need for outside support is made clear when we see our limitations reflected back to us by our children: It’s impossible to model to our children what we can’t give to ourselves.

This is why we are excited to share a little bit about Ashley’s path to founding Raising Humanity, a deeply personal journey of awakening that has spawned a huge network of support that parents, and parents-to-be, can now access. The (re)Connection project is an amazing opportunity for deep support for those out there who are ready for this. Enjoy this interview with Ashley Avinashi.

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Head + Heart: Tell us a little about the Raising Humanity backstory, which is essentially your awakening story.

Ashley Avinashi: As a working mom, with a nanny, a 100 hour work-week, a commitment to my physical health and social obligations, I had been putting myself last for a very long time. Beyond being burned out, my life didn’t feel like my own anymore. I could hardly recognize myself in it. Yes, I heard the whispers deep down that something needed to change but even the thought of reaching out felt too overwhelming.

But then I saw the impact my own disconnection was having on my kids. There was a moment when I looked into my son’s eyes one morning and could see that his spark had fizzled too, and I knew it was because I was running on empty, that he was afraid to ask anything of me anymore. He knew I didn’t have anything to give. I was THAT parent I never imagined being. The absent, busy parent who didn’t have the space to truly SEE their child.

Head + Heart: So, was this a rock bottom moment, or more of a lightbulb moment for you?

AA: It was more that what were once whispers now screamed at me: something needs to change! It was a turning point, so yes, a light did go on for me, in that I made a decision to turn toward discovering what I needed to rediscover my own essence. For  many months to follow, I stayed with my own discomfort and committed to re-discovering myself.

H+H: You’ve said that your journey was quite intensive, in that you travelled around the world, and worked extensively with some of the top teachers. How exactly did your calling into coaching and therapy training, and eventually founding Raising Humanity, evolve from your own personal growth and awakening?

AA:  Yes, I did travel, read, and study intently. It was incredibly deep work, but also extremely time consuming and expensive. Along the path of working with communities including Clearmind, Dr. Shefali, and Mindvalley, and through the awakening shift from living a mind-controlled life to moving into a spirit-led existence, I experienced the calling to put together all of the pieces that helped me, for others. To bring it all into one space so that parents don’t have to try and do it on their own, while alone. That’s essentially what The (re)Connection Project is – a one stop shop with all pieces of the growth journey in one village.

H+H: Can you tell us how this program works, and what’s involved.

AA: The (re)Connection program is for anyone who is feeling they need support from those who have walked the path, and are ready for real change now.

Essentially, the root of most of our issues is that we’re being guided by social conditioning on the one hand, and the deeply rooted emotional wounds that dictate our beliefs and behavior and, thus, shape our lives, on the other. At Raising Humanity, we call this Emotional Hunger. It is living from the patterns developed in our earliest years, generally prior to the age of 7 years old. These are the patterns that drive our lives into adulthood – in relationships, in parenting, in the workplace, and much more. The (re)Connection Project is a 12-week experience designed to help you release the emotional pain, even if it’s subconsciously held, that is driving your current behavior, and live your best life.

Structure-wise, the program provides each person with a fully integrated process for real change. This includes a range of modalities (energy work, breathwork, deep meditative experiences, holistic health support) to help you let go of the wounds on every level: mental, emotional, physical and energetic. We keep each group fairly small and intimate, as a high level of one-to-one, and group support is included. The community sharing is 100% geared to helping people express their deepest authentic selves.

H+H: Can you share a personal story of someone who has gone through the program and experienced an awakening transformation?

AA: Yes, I’ll share a story about Michelle, who just went through the last program. Michelle had been walking the path for some time. She had read a lot, followed many who were doing the work and dabbled in some energetic and carthartic work. But the real change hadn’t happened for her yet, in spite of her efforts. She said the blocks still seemed to be present, that kept her in judgement of herself and disconnected from her authentic voice and knowing. She struggled to connect deeply with one of her children, frequently taking on the worries of his journey upon her shoulders. She would also find herself spending a lot of time alone, rather than opening to connection with others. Through her experience in The (re)Connection Project, she began to experience her truest self. By the 6 week mark, she said that she felt to be a different person – more compassionate towards herself and others, more accepting on her life circumstances, and so much more deeply connected to her true self. She said that even her family had noticed by then how much she was shifting, which is the true testament. By the end of the 3 months, she was living lighter, more joyful, and much more trusting that this life was working for her. She really committed to the experience; you can hear directly from Michelle as she shares about the process in this video.

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For those who want to explore the possibility of joining this program, here’s a great intro video about the (re)Connection Project. Registration for the next group launches to the public on September 4th and closes on Monday, September 9th, 2019. Each quarter, a new group will begin, so in January, a new group will be running. In the meantime, visit the (re)Connection page on our site to learn more. Let us know if you do decide to join, as Head + Heart members get a significant discount! Send us an email and we’ll send you a discount code

We are doing a deep dive into programs that support awakening. Look for more profiles coming soon, and please let us know what you’ve discovered or would recommend. Until next time!