5 Non Dual Spiritual Teachers We’d Recommend Exploring

Sometimes, a teacher comes along at just the exact point in your life when you are open to hearing or receiving a particular message. If you’re on any type of spiritual journey, then you likely know how this feels. You meet someone who speaks a piece of wisdom that you needed to hear at just the moment you were ready for it.

On the spiritual path, one of the most powerful supports can be a teacher who can provide space for your spiritual opening. In North America, many non-dual teachers are becoming known as space holders for those who are seeking to awaken.  If you’re not familiar with this term, non-dual teachings are those that help us move away from the either-or, black-white, us-them thinking that actually holds our stories together and helps us move towards a state of consciousness that can hold space for both, whatever ‘both’ may mean in your life. Non-Dual teachings have broad appeal as they transcend any dogma or religion, appealing to people from many backgrounds or those who really don’t have any spiritual background at all. Meditation is usually a part of these teachings.

If you’re in a place of seeking spiritual guidance or support, we’d like to point you to the following 5 Non-Dual teachers, each of which offers something truly unique and beautiful. Take some time to explore each, and see what resonates.

  • Jeannie Zandi

If you’ve been following Head + Heart on social media, you likely have come across Jeannie Zandi, a respected non-dual spiritual teacher who has great appeal with seekers of all kind. Jeannie’s heart-opening teachings help people drop out of the mind, to discover their truth via, what she calls “the felt sense.” She explains it like this: “As a society today we’re not as in tune with the nature of our physical bodies and the earth as we were in past times and this loss has led to a disconnect from our innate spiritual wholeness.” If you’re spiritual journey is yearning for a connection with solitude, with the earth, and with your own physical body, Jeannie’s teachings are for you. Check out a guided meditation at the bottom of this page.She has quite a few upcoming retreats, along with online programs, which are also profound.

  • Adam Chacksfield

Adam Chacksfield offers non-dual, heart-opening spiritual teachings in North America, Europe and online, which include a combination of self inquiry and dyad work, to help open your heart to the truth within. Adam’s retreats have been described as extremely deep and opening experiences by many, and he has a great reputation. Inspired by a spontaneous experience of “we-consciousness,” Adam is currently exploring the activation of shared consciousness in relationships. You can learn more about his upcoming retreats here, and explore his full schedule and website here.

  • Amoda Maa

Author and spiritual teacher Amoda Maa has a distinct voice in the spiritual world, speaking to the growing number of people who are seeking an awakening experience, and ready to evolve beyond being controlled by the Ego. Complimentary to other non-dual teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti, Amoda brings her feminine depth and brilliant mind to the satsangs and retreats she offers. If you’re someone who is willing to be fully awake AND fully human, she will appeal to you. Discover her upcoming events here and learn more about her full calendar and her books here.

  • Susanne Marie

Susanne Marie’s non-dual teachings are a powerful reminder that our very own life, wherever we are right now, can be a doorway to the divine. As she explains: “suffering is caused by believing that we are separate from life, and that we exist as separate selves.” Her teachings help us to unlearn this belief and return to a state of awakened consciousness. She has several events coming up in Seattle and in Copenhagen.  Explore her website here to learn more and explore her teachings and interviews.

  • Patricia Clum, Evolution of the Heart

Patricia is known for using her compassion and keen intuition to help people locate in themselves the points that need opening, so they can connect with their deepest calling. Part of her work is focused on holding the space for the release of pain and suffering. She offers small group retreats and tends to work with those who already feel a strong call to awakening. You can see what she has coming up by signing up for her newsletter (on her homepage) and by visiting her website here to learn more.

Let us know if you decide to explore one of these teachers, or attend an event. We hope to be there with you!