Mindfulness Gifts

Mindfulness gifts: A gift guide for the wellness lovers in your life

I’m writing this in late November thinking ahead to the holidays; however, this gift guide is equally applicable for birthdays or other special occasions. Below are the mindfulness gifts that my team and I have most enjoyed giving and receiving lately. Personally, gifts are my love language, so a mindfully-chosen gift really does mean a lot. Here are some very thoughtful gift options for the wellness lovers on your list. Happy shopping.

8 Mindfulness Gifts

A Scandinavian-Inspired Spa Day

Aika Spa Mindfulness Gifts

If you’re in the Lower Mainland, a gift card to Scandinave Spa in Whistler is always worth a day trip. For about $100, you’ll get access to the saunas, steam rooms and cold baths, and can easily spend 4 hours cycling through the baths. Book online here. And, just yonder in Squamish is the brand-new AIKA Spa, which offers the Scandinavian sauna and cold bath experience and can be booked for private spa days. It’s lovely. If you’re in Seattle, I’ve heard great things about Banya spa. If you’re in Portland, here’s a list of the best sauna and soaks, which include some Scandinavian-inspired options (and clothing optional ones if you’re into that!). This is one of the most versatile mindfulness gifts to gifts to give.

Non Synthetic Meditation Cushion

Meditation Cushion Mindfulness Gifts

The perfect mindful gift for anyone who wants to start a meditation practice, or make their existing one more comfy. I love the natural linen, non synthetic meditation cushions by Vancouver-run Halfmoon. My favourite is this Crescent Shaped Cushion, and this Linen Round Meditation Cushion

A Healing Facial 

Facial Mindfulness Gifts

Self-care infused facials for those who want to look as relaxed as they feel. In Vancouver, Danielle at Bellavance Skin Therapy and Gretchen at Wildflower Beauty Bar are the top two I’ve discovered. Both offer healing facials that include facial massage, gua Sha, non-injection peels, and infusions and are known for getting clinical-level results. Click here for Gift card options at Bellavance and here for Wildflower in Port Moody. In Seattle, Moonlight Medicine Clinic offers cosmetic acupuncture treatments I’ve heard great things about! In Portland, Wild Rose is the place to go for Gua Sha facials.

Reiki Massage + Sound Healing

One of Vancouver’s best kept secrets, the lovely Robyn Rainey in North Vancouver is known for her 2-hour Reiki-infused Massage Treatment and Sound bath Meditations. This restorative experience also includes a breath translation, so you’ll go home knowing where in your body you can invite more breath, and bring more flow into your life.  Robyn typically sends you home with an aptagogenic-infused Chaga tea or medical Astrology flower tincture to support energetic alignment. The entire experience is magic. Book via Instagram or email robynrainey@gmaill.com. If you live in Washington or Oregon or California, I’m sure there’s an equivalent gem out there- message me if you’d like help finding someone!

Candles, Teas or Botanicals

Skwalwen Botanicals Mindfulness Gifts

Skwalwen is an Indigenous skincare brand that honours cultural knowledge, Indigenous plant science and self care. Their teas, rose oils, and candles are all ethically sourced and made, and a perfect mindfulness gift for anyone who wants to feel more connected with the natural world, via their product choices. Order online. I’d also recommend Kristen Marie Apothecary and Anima Mundi if you’d like to order ceremonial cacao as a gift, her packaging is beautiful.  

An Astrology Reading

Sue Horning Astrology Mindfulness Gifts

One of the most illuminating things I did in 2021 was an Astrology Reading with Susan Horning. Sue is very down-to-earth, and multi-talented (she also runs a tea shop, and is one of Vancouver’s most popular yoga teachers). Sue’s unique Astrology sessions included i-Ching, Tarot, and a full Astrology Reading, which shares big life patterns and predictions. It was incredibly resonant, with eerily detailed insights that have since transpired. Learn more or book. 

A Spiritual Book

Mindfulness gifts

The best gift is wisdom, and that’s what you’ll find in this list of transformative spiritual books, which includes classics like The Untethered Soul and Women Who Run with the WolvesBreathe by James Nestor is another great mindfulness gift idea.

The Gift of a Shared Practice

Whether it’s live or virtual, you could book tickets to a breathwork meditation, moon ceremony, or take a 30 day mindfulness study with a loved one. Explore upcoming wellness workshops on Head + Heart, along with many free options for anyone on a budget.

Those are the mindfulness gifts I’m stoked to share this year. For more options, take a peak at last year’s gift guide for wellness lovers. And let me know if you have any tips to share!