The holidays are about to go full swing, so we’re taking a moment to send you holiday wellness wishes via some practical supports that have helped us personally.

The holidays bring up a lot for people. For those of us who love this time of year, it’s fun but hectic. For those of us who dread this time of year, well, you know how you feel. Wherever you are at this week, know that many others share your feelings. While this is the season of giving, it’s important to remember that we have nothing to give if we’re not full ourselves.

So, we’d like to invite you to take the time your need to fill yourself up this week. To support your holiday wellness, we’re offering the following two grounding meditations along with a few tips for self-care this season from this recent interview we did for the Huff Post.

This breath meditation by Adyashanti offers a calming guided meditation to relax your nervous system and help restore inner balance. This is a great guided meditation for beginners AND for those who practice regularly, as it brings us back to the foundations of connecting with our breath as a pathway to connecting with our inner spirit.

Below, this beautiful guided meditation from Cathy Hardy is a meditation on the Prayer of Hesychia, the inner prayer of the nest. In this meditation, Cathy guides listeners to return to the place of  Love nesting within our own hearts. The inner nest of the heart is such beautiful imagery with a powerful invitation to nurture what is most precious: your heart.

Seeking more self care?

If you want to connect in mindful and meaningful ways with others in your community, you’ll find many supportive groups and gatherings here on Head + Heart or you can use the categories and search by your location.  And if you’re thinking ahead to plan a spiritual or wellness retreat in 2019,  there are many amazing retreats to discover here or you can narrow your search by spiritual, yoga or general retreats to see what’s happening across North America.

This week before the holidays kick into full swing, we’re wishing you well on your journey from the head to the heart!

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