5 Spiritual Teachers We Love

If you’ve set an intention this year to explore your spiritual side, we are right there with you. That’s our biggest passion, too.  We are excited to share the following 5 great spiritual teachers with you. Each offers  transformative words, tools and practices, to guide your journey from the head to the heart. Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Adyashanti, is a Buddhist spiritual teacher with a message for everyone. His teachings resonate across cultures and spiritual beliefs. He is known for offering simple ways to remain grounded in your true self, rather than being swept along in emotions and thoughts. It’s a universal message. To get to know his style,  here is one teaching we love that guides listeners to enter into the space of the heart, to open yourself up to being grounded in your heart vs. your mind/ego. Another one we love is this simple meditation called Attending to the Breath – a great introduction to sitting meditation and the grounding power of breath.


  1. Richard Rohr is a Franciscan Monk who, though Christian based in his teachings, offers a perspective that is unlike what many would consider Christian teaching. He’s deeply embraced the mystical roots of his faith, and shares those very beautifully in all the many books he’s written, alongside the many teachings you can find on YouTube. Here is a really great podcast interview he did with Krista Tippett for OnBeing, called Living in Deep Time and here is another amazing interview he did with Rob Bell.


  1. Tosha Silver wrote a beautiful book called Outrageous Openness, that you could easily read in two hours – it’s that funny and imaginative. She frames the spiritual journey in a very unique way. Rather than giving instructions for manifestation, she teaches people how to offer everything to Love (aka God/the Divine) and in doing so to discover Divine guidance in every aspect of life. As a spiritual teacher, she really inspires the imagination. She also has a bit of a crazy cat lady streak, so you must have a sense of humour to enjoy her work! To explore Tosha’s style, here is a keynote she did for Emerging Women and here’s a contemplative teaching she offers on YouTube about getting out of your own way to fully embody Divine Love.


  1. Jeannie Zandi is a feminist spiritual teacher with a powerful message. She explains how to live in a grounded state of being, through connecting to nature and to one’s own innate Mother Earth. You can learn all about Jeannie and enjoy a guided meditation in this interview we did with here, here.


  1. Jack Kornfield is a gentle soul with a gift for explaining Buddhist spiritual truths in very simple, almost childlike terms. He’s got several great courses with Sounds True such as this one and he teaches widely both online and off. You will find tons of his teachings on YouTube, and you can also gain access to his more structured programs like this Mindfulness Meditation training with Tara Brach. If you love him as much as we do, you might want to see him at one of his events, like this one coming up.

Do you have any spiritual teachers to share with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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