Head + Heart membership

Promoting our favorite wellness providers, far + wide.

Our vision is to offer the world a 100% top quality guide to finding wellness teachers, events, places, practices + tips, to support people on their path greater wellness, wholeness, healing + abundance.

We are genuinely passionate wellness enthusiasts who implicitly know the value of support and guidance. We would be honoured to offer promotional services to help YOU help others!

Head + Heart is very much a mission-driven business. We are here to be of service both to wellness seekers, heart-centered providers and beyond.

5% of all our revenues will support charities doing important work in the world. Learn more about the two we’ll support in 2020: ACTS FOR WATER + SA FOUNDATION.

The Uplift



  • Profile on Head + Heart. We’ll create a beautiful page about your business, with links to your upcoming programs, events and samples of your work.
  • Your profile will be promoted on all of the relevant high-traffic pages on Head + Heart.
  • Sell + promote your events directly on Head + Heart.




    – All of The Uplift Benefits.

    – Tailored promotions to support your specific goals, including guest articles, features, social promotions (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook), newsletter features.
    – At least 5 promotional mentions each month.

    – Monthly analytics to showcase results.

Personal Coaching



  • This package is for someone who wants a marketing expert (20+ years experience)
    in your corner, to give you the resources, direction, tips, tools and support you need
    to continuously see success each month in your marketing + business.
  • All of the Fireworks benefits
  • We’ll begin with a guided audit of where you’re at in your business: Your goals,
    current branding, social channels, website, your offerings, what’s working and what’s not,
    and together we’ll create a strategic plan to guide your marketing over the coming year
  • Each month, we’ll meet up on Zoom for progress coaching 1xmonth. We’ll work through
    any challenges or questions you’ve faced the prior month, and arm you with the solutions,
    tactics and tools you need to expand your reach, in meaningful ways.
  • Costs: The initial month is $997, subsequent months are $497.00/month.
    6 months + recommended.

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