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Promoting our favorite wellness providers, far + wide.

Our vision is to offer the world a top quality guide to finding wellness teachers + practitioners, events and practices to support anyone on the path to well being, wholeness, healing + abundance. We are genuinely passionate about helping people find quality support and guidance. We would be honoured to offer promotional services to help YOU help others!

Head + Heart is very much a mission-driven business. We are here to be of service both to wellness seekers, heart-centered providers and beyond. 5% of our revenues will support the SA FOUNDATION an organization that provides recovery to trafficked women and girls and is working in countries around the world to end sexual slavery.


"This membership has consistently supported me with editorial, client referrals, and social media promotion. Monica creates a professional, accurate, and interesting media presence that's connecting me with a greater pool of individuals interested in my unique offerings."

"Head + Heart is the first membership I've encountered that really spoke to me and the first that's brought me actual conversion. Monica's article on Medical Mediumship brought me quite a few new clients. I'm so pleased with the results and with the connections being made!"


  • 98K Website Impressions Monthly
  • 4K Monthly Visitors
  • 11K Monthly Pageviews
  • 3000+ Engaged Newsletter Subscribers
  • Social Medial: Instagram 4300 + Facebook + Pinterest Promotions

The Uplift

0/ month x 12 MONTHS


  • Profile on Head + Heart. We'll create a beautiful page about your business, with links to your upcoming programs, events and samples of your work.
  • Your profile will be promoted on all of the relevant high-traffic pages on Head + Heart.
  • Sell + promote your events directly on Head + Heart.
  • Opportunity to be occasionally featured in Head + Heart's newsletter and social media..
  • Opportunities for additional promotion or PR mentions.


0/ month x 3 months +


  • All of The Uplift Benefits.
  • Tailored promotions to support your specific goals, including guest articles and newsletter features, social promotions (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook), and possible PR mentions or features.
  • At least 5 promotional mentions each month.
  • Final report to showcase the total deliverables and results.
  • All promotions are 100% authentic, and will support your specific marketing goals.

    Head + Heart x Three Moon Collective

    Joint Membership

    0 / month

    Three Moon Collective is Head + Heart's sister organization. Together, we're offering a joint membership, at a discount, for those looking for a promotional boost AND to get plugged into a thriving and supportive community of wellness providers. By joining this partnered membership, you'll get all of the benefits of the Uplift, plus the following benefits from Three Moon Collective:


    • Profile in the Collective, with your info, links to your offerings, and testimonials.
    • Opportunity to be occasionally featured in Three Moon Collective's weekly newsletter and social media.
    • Community forum hosted in Mighty Networks (like a Facebook group, but so much better!)
    • Networking AND Business Development workshops each month. A chance to learn and network with industry experts.

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