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Seattle Yoga Arts

Seattle Yoga Arts

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1540 15th Avenue
Seattle, WA United States

Seattle Yoga Arts offers heart-infused flow classes at a moderate pace to allow time to sense inwardly and find optimal alignment in each pose. We are centrally located in the heart of Seattle in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. SYA is NOT a hot studio, but is kept at a comfortable temperature for practice (72-76 degrees at all times). Our body nourishing, soul satisfying and sanity supporting yoga is a product of the time-tested and evolving wisdom of our instructors. We teach to your real body and the heart that lives in it.

Everyone is welcome at Seattle Yoga Arts

Our methodology and offerings are time tested, guided by Denise Benitez, who founded the studio in 1990. Under the guidance of our skilled teachers, find space and strength that you didn’t know you had using alignment principles that release tension, create strength, and allow freedom of expression.

At Seattle Yoga Arts, we know yoga doesn’t contain everything, so we are also dedicated to the study of innovative and effective biomechanics and somatic research and inquiry into meditation and consciousness streams from every tradition.

Our community is welcoming, so feel free to introduce yourself to the students around you at Seattle Yoga Arts, and ask them any questions.

Please be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher and tell them if you are new to yoga. They will want to know about any injuries or limitations.

Class begins with a brief period of seated centering, then warm-up movements, and most build steadily to a pinnacle pose. Cooling down poses are followed by a reclining rest (savasana).

Always feel free to rest during practice at Seattle Yoga Arts; your teacher will never force or push you to stay in poses. You will build strength and endurance over time. Enjoy your practice, and always let us know how we can make your yoga experience more enjoyable!

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