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Tess Adams


Student, teacher. 
Artist of many mediums.
Child of the world.

Tess started practicing in high school and officially teaching after a decade of devoted study. Her teaching is largely informed from the Prajna Yoga teachings of Tias and Surya Little which weave together the classical Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga traditions with more contemporary, somatic-based modalities.

As a teacher, Tess tasks herself with inspiring and lovingly challenging her students. She curates a dynamic yet restorative practice and tailors the experience for each individual—beginner to advanced. She has learned from her own practice that the more she pays attention to her physical form, the more she deepens her awareness of the subtle bodies. Thus, she focuses on detailed alignment as well as the actions within the asana that draw the student deep within.

Having immersed herself in a variety of professions, from printmaking to painting conservation to engineering, Tess sees the root of inspiration as the courage to change. She grows through her exchange with the world—by inviting the external inwards and her internal landscape outwards on each breath. She hopes her students will use the practice as a way to practice life.

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