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Spirited Roots

Spirited Roots

Annalise believes the natural cycles of your mind and emotions are the framework that supports the bridge connecting you to the spiritual. Living in acceptance of these cycles is an effective way to overcome restlessness, trauma, and personal blocks. With a trauma-informed perspective, she encourages you to overcome blocks by connecting to your emotions, being fully present to your experience, and accepting who you actually are, not just the idea of who you want to be, as we are so much greater than what we can imagine. Her approach is personal and rooted in compassion. Whether you are healing or expanding, Annalise is right there with you - guiding you with grace and acceptance.

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Your Liminal Guide: Individualized Spiritual Companionship

This includes 9 live one-on-one sessions where we work together to identify blockages, clarify goals, and build direction for your natural sense of spiritual curiosity. With so many established "ways" to be spiritual, our own unique experience can seem confusing. The leadership must come from within, and I will be there to help guide you towards awakening, clarifying, and amplifying your intuition. Through building confidence in your abilities, you will begin to form your own unique way of spiritual expression.

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Monthly Intuitive Healing Groups

With humble questioning, we seek within. In witnessing the questions of others we can find and feel resonance within the flesh of our own being. Hearing and seeing others can reveal our own hidden truth. A monthly small group New Moon gathering.

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  • Monthly Breathwork Healing Groups

    Breathwork is a somatic healing experience, using pranayama breath and through paying close attention to the sensations in the body we are able to let go of our minds, connect to our bodies and have a conscious experience of theta state. This process enables you to bring into connection three glands in the brain; the hypothalamus, the pineal, and the pituitary gland creating an opening of the heart and allows for the release of strong emotions like grief, anger, and fear.

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Words can’t even begin to describe the impact session work with Annalise has had on my life. I was given comfort in the validation of my trauma and tangible tools and words of advice to work on healing those parts. I was given an avenue of connection with the divine and with my self - a connection that is often buried beneath the endless array of unimportant distractions. I felt seen, heard, and empowered to do the necessary work so that I could unburden my heart and live whole and present. Not only did I connect with the messages that came through with each experience with Annalise, but I also connected to how beautifully and powerfully these answers came through. Annalise’s voice and spoken words wrap you in love and compassion. It is by far the most powerful and beautiful experience I’ve had with someone who possess such gifts.


As a result of healing my emotional body, my psyche has become more centered and grounded. I can move from a reservoir of unconditional love for self and others, rather than a place of reaction and fear. I feel like I live in a place of gratitude and not a place of resistance. Of course, it can be challenging at times, but the reward of showing up for myself has already been worth every moment of pain and intensity one hundredfold! I am so grateful for meeting Annalise and for the space she holds. I have always felt safe and loved and never ever judged.