Shanila Sattar

Shanila Sattar

Shanila Sattar is a 4th generation sound healer, breathwork coach, women’s researcher, national speaker, and host of a Top 6 podcast, The Playground. She is the founder of AlwaysPlay Studios and The Integrative Healing Academy, where she trains sound healers, breathwork facilitators, and mentors aspiring healers.
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Breathwork Facilitator Certification

In this 2-day LIVE, online program you will learn to develop the intuitive skills, boundaries, the practical knowledge, the science, the deep rooted cultural history, energy guidance, techniques of visual meditation, novice crystal usage, and applied practice of the foundations of breathwork. We're mixing the science, the woo, learning to hold space, facilitate sessions, and developing grounding practices. This is an incredible comprehensive introduction to breathwork that integrates the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of this practice.

Introduction to Sound Healing Certification

In this one day LIVE online program, we cover the whole spectrum of learning to be a Sound Healer, from the science of sound vibrations and frequencies all the way to the WOO. We’ll take an in-depth journey to develop self grounding and balancing tools, align our energy centers, deepen our intuition, breathe, and retune our bodies throughout the course. This foundational level course focuses heavily on mixing the science and the woo together in a beautiful combination to empower you to start using sound right away. Come with an open heart.

Activated Mastermind & Mentorship

A three month accelorator for Healers + Coaches! New coaches, healers, intuitive entrepreneurs… Are you trained in your modalities and have no idea what to do now? Not sure how to generate income? How to create your program? This program will show you how to start your business, attract your dream clients and make money! Join the waitlist!
I cannot praise Shanila enough for being an excellent Breathwork Facilitator trainer! For someone who has spent a lot of time in science and woo spaces equally, I appreciated learning about how powerful and healing breathwork is for the physical, physiological, and the spiritual. The training was very informative and practical, with a lot of research and resources shared. If you are looking for a Breathwork teacher training, you do not need to look further - learn from Shanila.

Karyn Dyer, Breathwork Facilitator Level 1

The Sound Healer Into Course is awesome. It was great to learn about the scientific information behind sound itself and the instruments that can be used. Great course to have to understand the technical side of streaming online as well.

LaCriscia Fowlkes, Introduction to Sound Healing

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