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Rainbow Medicine Woman

Rainbow Hillary

Debra Lee Hillary (Rainbow Medicine Women) is a 6th Generation Shaman with Celtic and Native ancestors. She's a healer, retreat facilitator, and teacher who guides her clients and students to greater clarity and fulfillment on their path and purpose. Through 1:1 sessions and the programs she offers, Rainbow empowers people to live in their Divine Truth.

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Personal Shamanic Soul Session + Guidance

The Soul Session is for you to step into a sacred container and work together with Rainbow as she will connect you to your guides and spirit animals, channel messages and guide you into connecting with your inner deep knowing and wisdom. Rainbow will sing your healing song from your Ancestors. You will feel recharged and reconnected back to your true self. Available in person or virtual.

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Introduction to Shamanism

A six-week program, you'll learn how to "Walk the Medicine Wheel" in this New Earth Remembering Course. This course is designed to introduce the student to the Shamanic Way of Life.

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Shamanic Soul Path Prep Class

The course is a catalyst for you to dive in and do the inner work needed to process, re-align, and re-claim your soul truth. It is a journey of unraveling and unbecoming, in order to rebuild your foundations, beliefs, and confidence. The Soul Path Prep Class prepares you for Soul Mastery.

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Shamanic Apprenticeship Course

Through this three month program, you will receive your Shamanic Practitioner Certification from Rainbow Medicine. This program is designed to help you understand what it takes to facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself and connection with your spirit allies so that you can help those that you serve. It’s a commitment to your union with yourself as a healer, to the spirit world and to humanity. Method: Remote study available but mandatory Final Class for Initiation and Sweat Lodge Ceremony takes place on the Land (Pemberton, BC)

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