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Nicole Plaza

Nicole is a hypnotherapist and holistic health coach who helps women reclaim their femininity so they can thrive in health, wealth and well being. Nicole’s unique process equips women to access their subconscious and realize what is truly keeping them stuck. In each session, she takes her clients on a journey of overcoming past and present pains and traumas, so that they can reconnect with their highest selves. Overall, Nicole’s gift is to help women to reclaim their femininity, which is the key to thriving in romantic relationships and in life.
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Complimentary Discovery Call - 20 Minutes

Book a complimentary discovery call and we'll chat about what you're seeking support with in your life, and how Nicole's process and services work. Book here!

1:1 Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy

We only use 5% of our conscious mind. The other 95% is our unconscious mind where we store all of our traumas. Like guided meditation, you will be led into the deepest parts of YOU to regain deeper self-insight, release old patterns and blocks, and take a quantum life leap towards your Ultimate life. In just 1 session you can unlock blocks that would take months and even years of talk therapy. Each session is 1.5 hours.

Programs Nicole Offers

Ready to Rise Group Coaching Program and Hypnotherapy

This group coaching program is a total of 12 weeks where Nicole takes you on a journey with like-minded women who are ready to reclaim their femininity. You will be healing together with rituals such as group hypnosis, feminine embodiment coaching and introduced to creating your ultimate life balancing the demands of the masculine and feminine energies. You will uncover your self-worth. As a tribe you will overcome fear and rejection to reclaim your femininity. You'll hit the reset button so you can overcome all past and present pains/traumas. You'll be guided to develop an understanding of your femininity and how to operate in your nature. Along with the action steps women can implement in their life to live in true happiness, with health, wealth and wellbeing. You will also receive six 1:1 hypnotherapy and energy healing sessions with Nicole to ensure you receive a custom healing plan to empower you with everything you need to create long lasting results.
Prior to hypnotherapy and holistic health coaching with Nicole I felt out of sync with myself and my relationship with my partner. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and holistic health coaching with Nicole as she guides you to feel instead of think. It is in this feeling and 'being' that the hidden powers of your soul can be unpacked so that you can show up living your ultimate life. Today I feel more freedom, and more connected to my inner desires, which has given me so much confidence to live my authentic self!

S. Stevens

Nicole helped me reclaim and realize that I have a feminine essence and feminine desires, a realization that has allowed me to attract what I ultimately want in life: That is, to be comfortable and confident in myself, less about 'doing' and more about 'being'. After putting in the work with Nicole, not only did I become my ultimate self, I attracted the masculine man that I always desired. I recommend working with Nicole as she is so relatable and inspiring, and made me feel right at home.”

B. Morrison

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