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Tania Clarke Move Deeply Wellness

Tania Clarke | Move Deeply Wellness

Tania Clarke is a Restorative Movement Educator specializing in Clinical Somatics and Restorative Yoga. She created Move Deeply Wellness as an online movement education business to promote healing through gentle movement that is easy to follow at home in less than 30 minutes a day. Her mission is to help you understand what triggers your chronic body pain and learn how to become a master of your body through mindful movement, so you can get back to doing what you love with ease and grace.

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Free Movement Classes

Tania uploads weekly free movement classes on her YouTube channel - this is a great way to try her somatic approach directly and get to know her work.

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Discover Somatics in 30 Days - Online Course

This immersive introduction to clinical somatics provides you with weekly on-demand video lessons, reading materials and regular email contact to guide you along the process. The structure is set up to guide you through four weeks of regular practice, but you can follow along on your own schedule, choose your practice days, and have access to the material for life. I provide tips to help you stay on track, get the most benefits, and of course, teach you easy gentle exercises to help you make your body feel great.

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The 3 Essentials

The 3 Essentials mini course makes it easy-peasy for you to get started with creating a lifelong practice of somatic movement. In just three days of videos and guided lessons, you will experience some of the best somatic exercises you can do to manage pain in the most commonly tight areas of the body: the neck, shoulders and back. Plus, you'll learn three restorative yoga poses to help compliment your practice as well as a 20 minute body scan meditation. If you're ready to achieve body mastery, and stop living at the mercy of aches and pains, it only costs $29 CAD to get started and you have access for life.

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Posture Personality Quiz

Tania designed a free quiz to help you discover how your life experiences and personality have influenced your posture over time. You’ll learn your “Posture Personality”, how it relates to somatic reflex responses, and receive tips to help you overcome some of the habits that may be keeping you on a path of persistent tension pain.⁣ It’s fun, fascinating and only takes a minute! Take the quiz below!

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I work at a desk job and although I have a standup desk, I still had lower back pains. I have since incorporated two of Tania's videos almost daily and the results are amazing! I have no more headaches, shoulder or back pain. I highly recommend her!


I have a leg injury and Tania has been so great to work with. She gave me easy and quick to do exercises that I can do everyday. So far I have found less inflammation and tension and have more mobility in my joints. Thank you so much Tania!