Melanie Philips

Melanie Phillips

As a coach + mentor, Melanie Philips is known for guiding people back to their true nature and highest potential. As a certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Energy Healer, Melanie has walked a real and vivid healing path through chronic illness and extraordinary loss. She embraces the philosophy that we can all reemerge from darkness and remember that we are the light.Melanie is the Bestselling author of “Living After Loss: A Soulful Guide to Freedom” and the co-author of, “Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care through Ayurveda & Yoga Practices that Work.”

Work With Melanie

1:1 Transformational Coach

Melanie meets her clients where they’re at and guides them into the highest and best version of themselves as they improve their inner and outer health. Her work draws from the modalities of Ayurveda, yoga, energy psychology, ThetaHealing, and intuitive energy healing. She works with a limited number of clients 1:1 each year, so that she can truly dedicate her time and energy to supporting profound and sustainable transformation in the lives of those who are ready to claim their magnificence and create a life they love.

Programs Melanie Offers

Soul-led Business Mentorship

An online accelerator and incubator for soulful healers, coaches, heart based entrepreneurs, aspiring authors, wellness practitioners, and yoga teachers who want to create greater income and impact doing what sets their soul aglow!Your life and your business is unique to you. This mentorship program honours where you’re at and will champion you back to your true nature so that you can live with faith and knowing that you are loved and supported to fully show up as your authentic self and be abundant doing so. 
 This immersion will expedite your growth both internally and externally. I’m taking the best of my knowledge and experience (the highs and lows) and expertise as a healer to support you to know in the depths of your bones that you are worthy and whole, and completely deserving of creating a life in alignment with your soul’s magnificence.

Ayurvedic Yoga Training: 100 hours

This Ayurvedic Training is for Yoga teachers and dedicated students of Yoga, and was born out of my love and dedication to both yoga and Ayurveda and the increasing need in the world of yoga for classes that consider the alchemy of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetics, to bring sustainable and deep healing through greater awareness, acceptance and love.This 100-hour online training is consciously designed for you to learn Ayurveda in a digestible format that you can actually utilize and integrate into your own life, into your classes, private sessions with students, workshops and for your own health and wellbeing.

ThetaHealing: Reprogramming Subconscious Limiting Perceptions

Living abundantly, having a healthy mind-body, and feeling genuinely happy and connected to Creation is available to us all, not just a select few. 
If you feel like you’ve been working on yourself and live consciously but you still can’t seem to create the lasting changes you desire, I feel you. And it’s not your fault.Your subconscious mind is like a programmed computer that is filled with limiting perceptions and beliefs that are perpetuating self-sabotaging behaviour, imposter syndrome, a scarcity mindset, symptoms or disease, and on some level feeling less-than.I’ve created this Theta Healing course as an opportunity for you to activate your greatest potential—so you can step into the magnificence of your being. In essence, the real you. The you who you came to this planet to be, before you were conditioned and programmed to believe things like ‘life is hard’ and that you’re ‘not good enough.’ You will find how effortlessly Theta Healing supports you to improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, increase your energy, and cultivate a deep sense of self-worth and be open to receiving and abundant co-creation.
Melanie has helped guide me past numerous self-created obstacles and self-limiting beliefs – things that neither doctors nor therapists have been able to do. With Melanie's guidance, I am re-tuning all aspects of my life (body, mind, external circumstances) and coming into a state of balance via reconnecting with my authentic self. I wholeheartedly recommend Melanie!

April R.

Melanie is one of the greatest Ayurvedic teachers and bio-energy healers of our time — her humble, knowledgeable and radiant being awakens anyone in her presence. Her embodiment of compassion, loving kindness and conscious awareness is a true gift to her students.

S. Chen

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Alchemy of Freedom: Soul Led Business Course

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An online accelerator and incubator for soulful healers, coaches, heart based entrepreneurs, aspiring authors, and yoga teachers who want to create greater income and impact