Maribeth Stephens

Maribeth Stephens

Maribeth’s clients describe her as a gifted Akashic Records intuitive. She holds sacred space as you work with your Akashic Records to explore where you’ve been, where you are, and where your unique gifts could take you. Maribeth offers a warm approach for your exploration coupled with a gentle ability to get to the heart of the matter. As a longtime explorer of how energetic dimensions intersect with everyday life, Maribeth is trained in multiple disciplines, including Reiki and animal communication. She focuses her empathic skills on the Akashic Records to support your journey of release, healing, and growth.
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1:1 Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic Records are an energetic record of all thoughts, actions, feelings, and experiences across time, space, and dimensions. They offer a magical place of connection to explore your soul’s wisdom, foster personal growth, and nourish self-discovery. Your Akashic Records can be used to better understand the underlying energy of relationships, patterns, and spiritual connection. In an Akashic Records reading with Maribeth, you'll accesses spiritual energy and insights. In each session with Maribeth, you'll bring your questions, and receive answers that draw upon deep energetic and spiritual layers to offer insights that often go beyond the here and now. This allows you a look at your life from your soul’s perspective. Click to learn more and book a session.
I absolutely loved my reading with Maribeth. It was my first Akashic Records reading and was more than I could have imagined. Things were revealed that I don’t talk about with anyone, which added to validate many of my own spiritual experiences to assist me on my journey. I left feeling excited with some new avenues of exploration and feeling confident in my chosen path of life. I highly recommend!

PAL, Washington State

What an enlightening experience having a glimpse into my Akashic Records with Maribeth. It far exceeded my expectations and gave me inspiring insights into areas of my life where I had been feeling stuck. Being able to ask specific questions and access my soul’s wisdom provided new and unexpected solutions which left me feeling refreshed and excited by the possibilities open to me. Even though this was the first time I had spoken to Maribeth and my first Akashic Records reading, too, her warm and caring approach made me feel comfortable right from the start and I felt deeply touched by the whole experience.

Rhona, UK

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