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Heather Fantin

Heather Fantin

As a highly intuitive transformational life coach, healer, spiritual teacher and former clinician, Heather Fantin is the guide who helps you live a life that excites you to wake up! Heather doesn’t do spiritual fluff, she takes her clients deep so they can “heal for real” and finally stop the endless cycle of unnecessary suffering and repeated patterns. She is also a highly-sought after speaker, Founder of the Soul On Fire retreats, and Creator of the Holy Shift journaling method. If you are ready to heal for real and experience the incredible love that comes from an awakened heart and embodied soul, Heather is your guide.

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AWAKEN: Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching

The AWAKEN Coaching program is a 3-month personal growth and healing container designed to guide you on your path to spiritual empowerment — revelation by revelation. This customized program is for open-hearted individuals ready to embody their deep inner-knowing and heal deeply. We’ll work together to reframe your past trauma, empower your relationships, and find immense gratitude in the profound gift of life. You will learn to shake off stagnant energy, free yourself from unnecessary pain and suffering, liberate the gifts of your soul and live into a life that excites you to wake up to. Join the AWAKEN coaching program and let the inner work begin.

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By divine timing, mine and Heather's paths crossed - our initial phone conversation was just the beginning of what would become years of inner work with her as my guide. I attended a Soul on Fire retreat soon after my cancer treatment began, where I touched the tip of the iceberg of "inner work" DEEP inner work. The kind of work I didn't know existed. I uncovered things within myself that I had no idea were there...things that were holding me back from living my truth. She gave me the tools to stay on this path of personal growth, so that whenever I find myself slipping back into old ways - her guidance is there to steer me in the right direction. She believes in you, when you don't. She will sure as shit give you tough love when you need to hear it, and will even do it with some sass and a great sense of humor!

Mary, Higher Self Photography, Bothell, WA

I started working with Heather because I knew I needed help. I felt I had no purpose in life and no one understood me. I had little self awareness of how badly I was treating myself, and the negative things I was telling myself about my life. I immediately felt Heather's calming and empathetic spirit the moment we started to talk. She listens and cares so deeply, and she gave me a sense of peace from our very first session. Finally, someone that gets me and cares so much - that she will beat these messages into me until even I will listen.

Mandy, Amazon Employee