Guliz Unlu

Güliz Unlu

Güliz is a consciousness based medicine and animal communication expert. She is a beautiful soul that helps guide you along the journey of a deeper connection to yourself and your animals.With extensive training in BodyTalk, Linking Awareness, Animal Communications, and many other systems of energy medicine, Güliz offers deep, holistic support on the journey to soul alignment.
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Personal Observation Sessions

During this 1.5-hour private, remote session, I will support you in observing the body systems, energies, and purpose that wants to be seen and heard. I will use a variety of modalities from my toolkit based on what is most needed to shift. This is held over zoom. In person is available, also.

Animal Communications Session

During this 1.5 hour Private Session, I will support your animal in communicating their dynamic needs. I will tune into your specific animal and use a variety of modalities based on what is being asked for by your pet. This is done remotely over zoom.
Guliz is one of the most intuitive healers I've ever worked with. In our session, she identified key ancestral patterns that my body wanted me to notice, to help me step into deeper alignment with my purpose in life NOW. Highly recommend Guliz's personal sessions!

Monica Krake, Breathwork practitioner

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