Erin Floris Flows

Erin Floris Flows

Erin is the woman behind erin floris flows, an online wellness community that offers sisters of color yoga to heal racial trauma + reclaim wellness so that they can collectively transform into liberated, empowered, and thriving communities.As a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200), dancer/mover, lawyer + activist, she’s committed to offering a space for people of color to build community, heal racial trauma, and have the courage to be authentically themselves.
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Virtual Yoga Nidra Series for Black Womxn

This series is designed to help women of color heal racial trauma that we experience from living in an anti-Black society where we are policed, controlled, manipulated, assaulted and murdered for our existence and our family’s existence. In this yoga nidra practice, we will ground ourselves—emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually—so that we can rise from the roots of our ancestors, those we have lost, and push forward towards a future where we thrive. This yoga nidra practice is designed by Black women for Black women to lead Black women. Only we know our pain and only we have the power within ourselves to build our resilience and facilitate our healing to the racial trauma we face.

Yin Yoga for Womxn of Color

Yin Yoga is an accessible yoga practice that strengthens our connective tissues and gives us permission to do less + just be. Yin Yoga allows us to tap into the subtle patterns in our lives, unweave the patterns that no longer serve us, and integrate physical, spiritual, and emotional balance. The poses in a yin yoga class focus on the lower body and are held for time (3-5 minutes) with the support of props. Come to class to build resiliency, self-compassion, patience, and slow down.
Erin's Yoga Nidra for Healing Racial Trauma was such a divine gift. Erin's voice and message embraced my whole self entirely and helped me remember: I'm my home. I'm Love. I'm healing.

Deborah Oliveira Couch

I felt more nurtured and loved during this yoga session than I've ever felt in any previous yoga session. Erin's dedication to healing women of color, especially Black womxn, is apparent and so needed. She created a healing space that lifted us up and allowed us to find peace and collective strength.

Olivia Salazar de Breaux

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