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Carmen Ganne

Carmen Ganne

Carmen Ganne is an internationally trained breathwork and human connection specialist and brings over 15 years experience holding space for others to deeply transform and evolve. She holds a degree in social work and is a certified yoga teacher and advanced breathwork facilitator. As a conscious relationship expert, she works from a trauma-sensitive approach with a specialization in the science and spirit of connection. She guides revolutionary leaders to live fully embodied and move forward with empowered action for sustainable change. Her most popular offerings include private and group series exploring the unique blueprint of your soul/relationship as well as date nights and ritual building for couples. She travels to host workshops and retreats. Her offerings are available online and in person.

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Free online breath translation

Curious what your breath is trying to tell you? How you breathe reflects how you live. Learn how your unique breath pattern impacts the quality of your lived experience. Walk away with simple tips to create sustainable shifts within your inner and outer worlds.

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Private Immersions + Retreats

Gift yourself a one-day retreat of soul-care and divine nourishment in the spectacular mountain community of Squamish, BC, Canada. This private retreat is for you if: *You crave a deep-dive immersion for your soul within a container that has the depth and discretion to hold you in your own deeper unwinding. *You desire the illumination of your spirit and the harnessing of your inner magic in fresh ways. *You seek clarity and profound transformation within a customized and unique experience. Learn more on Carmen's site or use the link below to book.

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The Elevation Experience: Monthly Membership

A hub for revolutionary business leaders and new paradigm leaders. Get business tools, training + resources, elevated masterclasses, monthly breathwork journeys and connect with other visionary women leaders.

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Soul Illumination 12-Week Breathwork Journey

A 12 week journey of breathwork and soul-care for revolutionary leaders exploring embodiment, vitality, connection, sustainability and legacy. This journey is for you if: * You crave a sacred place that has the DEPTH, CAPACITY and DISCRETION to hold you in your own deeper work and evolution. *You desire the illumination of your spirit and the harnessing of your inner magic in fresh ways. *You seek clarity through potent tangible tools for profound transformation that can be customized for your unique experience. *You aspire for deeper connections with the feminine and bonds of sisterhood. Find more info on Carmen's site or click below for program checkout.

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Breath Mentorship

A 12-Week Private Mentorship for a Revolutionary Personal & Professional Relationship with the Breath. This journey is for you if: *You crave a place for your deeper work to support you in holding a deeper container for your clients. *You desire to expand your knowledge and skills around facilitation of the breath and holding space to support growing your practice. *You seek support with business fundamentals and logistics to be able to streamline and grow your practice with ease.

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Download a guided breath meditation

If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be held by an angel in the most sacred and beautiful way, this is precisely how it feels to be facilitated by Carmen. Her magical way of weaving and clarifying is gentle and potent at the same time. I trust her with the most precious thing to me, my daughters. And I trust her to hold me as well. It’s a blessing to have access to her medicine.

Isa Bailey, CEO and Entrepreneur

I joined Carmen’s 12 week soul illumination at a time when I knew I needed support to prioritize my self-care. Carving out the time every week to explore my breath, connect in with the sisterhood and reflect inward was truly the best gift I could have given myself. My experience was profound. Carmen exceeded all my expectations. She brings an epic clarity combined with embodied wisdom and a welcoming heart that creates the most beautiful safe and sacred container. I was thoroughly impressed with the care and attention I received and the depth of my weekly journeys. I gained many insights about my patterns and the gifts I bring to the world. I would leave our sessions feeling lighter, more expanded and grounded, with a deeper connection to myself and others. I felt truly seen, heard and honoured during every call. I highly recommend working with Carmen. It’s a transformative experience you can’t even imagine, that your heart and soul will thank you for.

Carsen V