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Carmen Ganne

Carmen Ganne

Carmen Ganne is an internationally trained breathwork facilitator and human connection specialist. She has a degree in social work and is a certified yoga teacher. She offers a trauma-sensitive approach with a specialization in where science and spirit meet human. Her personal exploration of the breath began early in her youth and continued professionally within the western clinical setting, through pranayama and the teachings of yoga, as well as with various forms of breathwork. As a catalyst for change, she guides people to live fully embodied, take radical responsibility, and move forward with empowered action. As a conscious relationship expert, she explores connection, communication and intimacy with couples. She offers relationship blueprints that translate and inform the unique purpose of the partnership. Her most popular offerings include private and group series exploring the unique blueprint of your soul/relationship as well as date nights and ritual building for couples. She travels to host workshops and retreats. Her offerings are available online and in person.

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Carmen gave me what I needed at the exact moment and to the depth that I needed and was able to receive it. She offered deep reflection and a gateway to my inner knowledge and connection to spirit. I received deep insight into how my inner world is reflecting externally. She also guided me through physical and emotional release in a powerful way and supported a deeper connection with myself and those around me. Her authenticity and ability to hold me without judgement is such a blessing. Carmen has such a beautiful and calming presence and is able to translate and make sense of anything that comes up. She wholeheartedly shows up and this is so evident any time I am with her. Her knowledge and wisdom helps create the beautiful space she holds and every experience has its own unique gift to offer.


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