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Angela Prider

Angela Prider (LittleBird) is a Spiritual Teacher, initiated Spiritual Healer, and Somatic Practitioner based in Vancouver, BC. As Bean Feasa (Wise Woman) she has been immersed for over 20 years in training and initiation with her Irish ancestors, sacred plant teachers, and indigenous wisdom-keepers from the Peruvian Andes, Blackfeet Nation, Australian First Nations, and Curanderismo lineages.Angela has been blessed to practice and teach a unique weaving of global Earth Medicine (shamanism) and neuropsychology for transformational conscious living both in Canada and internationally since 1998.

Work With Angela

Spiritual Support Sessions for Helpers

Whether you're a healer, counsellor, therapist, coach, or teacher - it can get lonely sometimes.And even though we talk about it ALL - THE - TIME, self-care can take a back seat.Spiritual Support Sessions for Helpers is your self-care space. It's your sacred time to explore your soul workings and the mythic weavings of your work with clients.These sessions offer a sacred place to bring the wins and challenges of your work, as well as experience the renewed magic that happens with your clients once you've had that paradigm shift as a result of your personal work.

Programs Angela Offers

Self Care To Sovereignty

Many of us are conditioned to over-give. Even though, working, supporting others, caregiving, and parenting are part of life, the conditioning around over-giving means it's easy to lose ourselves in roles and obligations.This 9-month journey of rebirth is for any of you who have a hard time: saying no, disappointing others, setting and maintaining boundaries. OR have a history of: trauma, recurring burnout, walking on eggshells, people pleasing, or tending-and-befriending.Lean Into Life offers a deeply sacred and safe space to heal the SOUL LOSS that occurs with self-neglect.
Coming into circle with Angela is like finally taking the time, and making the commitment, to step back into the quiet part of yourself. It’s like coming home. Here you can find a place to relax, recharge and reconnect with what matters most to you. These evenings are completely healing and calming as Angela weaves her medicine around you helping you to feel whole and well again. I highly recommend welcoming her into your life.

Inge M

Angela has a beautiful way of providing sacred space and ceremony that feels down to earth and connected to Spirit. - CaitlinAngela is a fantastic teacher and healer. She has a soft and subtle way that is all her own, and different than my other teachers. The spirits are strong with her an although she is light and full of laughter, she is also very powerful, very knowledgable and has a ton of information to pass on to students. Her years of experience with spiritual leadership and counselling shine through her teaching. I am honoured to be her student and grateful I chose to walk with her on this path. -

Sky B

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