Andrea Firpo

Andrea Firpo

Andrea Firpo is a Soul Liberation and Embodiment Guide that empowers women to heal their trauma history, transcend wounding patterns and dispel self-limiting beliefs, so they can reconnect to their true self, and live in harmony with their inner child. Andrea teaches you how to relax into your body and stay present during somatic experiences using both modern and ancient wisdom practices, creating a friendship that will endure any of life’s challenges. Her methods are vast and dynamic, just like you, and customized to meet you wherever you are right now, to help you through whatever needs tending when it comes to your self-love, healing, wholeness, and liberation.

Work With Andrea

1:1 Intuitive Healing Sessions

These sessions are for women who are ready to heal old patterns, and step into a more liberated life. Each session is a guided process that will take you to a deeper level of awareness of the source of the patterns of behavior that have been creating over a lifetime. You will deeply and quickly see, understand, identify and release the trapped emotional energy that has created a lifetime of subtle and not so subtle physical limitations.

Reiki Attunement Training

In this personalized training you will learn how to send and receive the healing light of Usui Reiki. You will awaken your gifts as a healer while raising the vibration of your life, heal parts of yourself that are keeping you from moving forward, and gain increased beauty, clarity, and light in your home and relationships.

Programs Andrea Offers

The Phoenix Immersion Program

The Phoenix Immersion Program is a 3 day--1:1 intensive intended to create long term shifts and transformation through healing, releasing limiting beliefs, and breaking away from old conditioning and patterns. People who have completed the program have experienced resolution of trauma, sustained healing, authentic embodiment, and liberation. This innovative and individualized program yields extended curative change long after completion. Andrea’s infectious light and compassionate leadership provides a safe space to connect, release, renew, and reach your full potential.

The Phoenix Immersion Retreat

Would you like to have the opportunity to come more alive, more in tune with your heart, and feel more inspired to live the life that calls to you? Learn how to uplevel your ability to communicate and set healthy boundaries. Experience sacred activations and integrations through Energy Portals, Reiki and Sound Healing, cleansing your body and regenerating your soul. Receive unforgettable healing techniques through guided intuitive meditation, breathing techniques, crystal healing, essential oils, tea and cacao ceremonies, and more!
I am so grateful for the help Andrea has given me. It by far represents the most progress in the shortest time that I have made since I started to recover from my physical injuries. I’m so thrilled and even empowered, to begin to truly heal myself, and not just from my accident injuries. Working with Andrea has facilitated a very big shift for me, and I have nothing but heartfelt and sincere appreciation for her gifts.

Susan Tracy

I am beyond grateful that Andrea Firpo came into my life. I was calling in a mentor or a guide for support spiritually, mentally and physically. She has gone above and beyond all expectations. She has helped me transform my life into one where I am able to recognize patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving me and replace them with behaviors that draw in abundance, clarity, joy and happiness. Andrea has taught me to acknowledge my worth, ask for what I want, recognize my power, clear my energy and so, SO, much more!

Marcelle Vianna

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