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Abneet Sandhar Wellness

Abneet Sandhar

As an international woman's feminine embodiment facilitator, self-care guide, and woman's holistic wellness and yogini coach, Abneet helps driven yet overworked and overburdened woman tap back into innate pathways of pleasure, ease and presence, and source their innate Feminine Blueprint of Nourishment. Abneet has helped hundreds of women feel more joy, pleasure and presence in all facets of their lives. She is your guide to remembering the sacred portals of your feminine power.

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Deep Nourish Mentoring For Women

The Deep Nourish offers 1:1 mentoring for 90 days, bringing you 6 sessions + weekly recorded transmissions to support your transformation into a more embodied, grounded, radiant, rested YOU. The Deep Nourish is an invitation to enter into a healing container with Abneet, where you will work through limiting beliefs, patterns and lifestyle habits, and unearth and embody your Sacred feminine blueprint. If you're feeling the call to deep self care, this is for you!

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Awakening Shakti Virtual Woman's Temple

Join Abneet for a magical and deeply transformational 7 week journey awakening the Sacred Feminine within. This virtual group journey is an invitation to reconnect with your body, emotions, and your inherent power and softness.

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Abneet is the real deal. I‚Äôm currently immersed in her ‚ÄúAwakening Shakti‚ÄĚ 7 week online course and she holds incredible space. I love love love her and her phenomenal work. She‚Äôs a yogini, nutritionist, tantric Devi, dancer, and also was a school teacher prior to starting her own business - all of these elements make for one incredible experience working with her! Follow her if you‚Äôre not already and listen to see if her offerings call to you... she truly has magical medicine, deep wisdom and authentic knowledge from her ancestral lineage that will help you connect with & embody the pure essence of your body, mind and spirit.

Surya Devi

Abneet’s woman’s retreat and programs helped me find pieces of myself that I didn’t even know were missing and connect deeply with myself. They taught me to honor and love myself and to crave an even deeper connection with myself. I’d say since attending Abneet’s retreat and classes I’m definitely more in touch with my feminine side and I feel more safe in my body and more comfortable with myself.