10+ Best Washington Meditation Retreats

Washington has a beautiful mediation community, and hosts some of the world’s most beloved meditation and spiritual teachers.

Here are a few of the best places to explore going on a mediation retreat. If you’re looking for a mindfulness or meditation teacher or spiritual guide in the PNW, we’d recommend Jeannie Zandi, Tai Hubbert and Annalise Sullivan. All the teachers in our wellness directory come highly recommended by our team.

The Northwest Vipassana Center

The Northwest Vipassana Center is arguably one of the world’s most established silent meditation retreat organizations, offering 10-day retreats in the Vipassana style. You can find a Vipassana Center in most states and provinces around the world. They welcome meditators with all levels of experience; however, you must apply to attend and be ready to commit to their daily schedule, which includes absolute silence and meditating several times per day, starting in the early hours. We love their commitment to providing an accessible experience: these retreats are typically by-donation.

Trout Lake Abbey

Trout Lake Abbey is a Zen Buddhist Center, an organic farm, and a bed & breakfast, offering retreat-goers a peaceful and nourishing setting for quiet refuge, whether you opt to stay for a personal meditation retreat or to join one of the group retreats that visit the Abbey.  Open to all faiths, the Abbey encourages guests to do their own spiritual practice and to explore the nearby Mt. Adams recreation area. To book a self guided meditation retreat learn more here.

Ananda Washington

Ananda Washington, located in Bothen Washington, “provides a refuge to help people achieve Self-realization, a state of consciousness that comes through shedding all outward self-definitions.” Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, but open to people from all faiths and religions, you’ll find many meditation and spiritually-focused yoga workshops and community gatherings on offer at Ananda. They offer several silent retreats annually, like this upcoming silent retreat offered at Islandwood Retreat Center.

Harmony Hill

Harmony Hill located in Union Washington, part way between Seattle and Oregon along the Pacific Coast, became known for offering a healing refuge for those facing cancer, but today this facility has expanded to offer many wellness and meditation retreats, like this upcoming retreat with one of our fav teachers, Mark Nepo. While meditation is definitely built into their retreats, the focus is on overall wellness and personal exploration. Retreat goers can choose from a pretty large variety of lodging options – from private rooms to tenting platforms – located near a beautiful network of hiking trails.

Mindfulness Northwest

Mindfulness Northwest offers many workshops, community gatherings, and great resources. This organization focuses on providing mindfulness-based stress reduction training throughout the pacific northwest, defining mindfulness as ‘the simple yet powerful ability of the mind to attend more fully to the present moment’s experience’. If you’re seeking to learn greater mindfulness and self compassion, be sure to explore their retreat schedule here.

Tushita Kadampa Meditation Center

Tushita Kadampa Meditation Center in Olympia, Washington, offers meditation classes and courses that are meant to be very accessible and easy to integrate into modern life. Tushita is a great place to discover community and join others in weekly meditation practice. They offer one-day retreats as well as the occasional weekend retreat which are referred to as courses on their website. Check their calendar to see what’s coming up.

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