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Riding the Flow of Femininity through cooking, ritual, and movement.

You may have attended workshops and women circles in your search for deeper connections, and yet you haven’t found something that strongly sticks to your heart or that gives you deep transformational support?

What if you are daydreaming to not only rewind but completely get out of your way of being in control or in the structures of “in-the-box” lifestyle so then you truly feel the magic of the life unknown?

In this experiential one-day retreat, you will find yourself letting go of repetitive negative thoughts, expectations, structures, ideas, letting in your true essesnce of “BEING” and “PLAY” blended into FLOW and experience wisdom of embodied presence, freedom and power.

For those in search of:

  1. Non-structured workshop exploring the flow of feminine energy with supportive loving women who accept you for you.

  2. Meeting other women who mirror you as you learn about yourself without judgement or projection.

  3. Learning a new relationship with foodl and develop healthier eating patterns by participating in meal preparation together.

  4. Participating in water rituals to understand the depth of life through ceremony to elevate flow of femininity.

In this day-long retreat with JUMMEE, you will experience:

Delicious juices to rejuvenate your body and mind. Jummee and juicing expert Jen Houst will share how our body relates to our emotions. We will share gentle open dialogue of challenges and how to support one another.

Simple movement with deep sacred pelvic breathwork to open your body and boost your root chakra (core energy)

Cooking together, we will gather fresh herbs and greens from Jummee’s garden and eat together as ritual. We will discuss our relationship with food and share our challenges and obtain wisdom to rebuild the relationship with food as a sacred nourishment of self-love.

We will laugh and play through free-form dance and allow ourselves to express who we truly are…divine.

Join us in embracing THE POWER you already are. We see you.

Exchange: $99 (Organic fresh juices, lunch and snacks included)
Early registration recommended, space limited.

Who is Jummee?

As a “midwife of transformation,” Jummee is a vitality coach who is passionate about helping people connect with their essential selves and natural state of joyful being.

She integrates her deep knowledge of Eastern religion and philosophy with a broad education in Western healing modalities including Zen meditation, Feldenkrais, anatomy, authentic movement, yoga, Tantra, breathwork, Chinese medicine, nutrition, and Taoism, among other practices. She blends the essence of these teachings to provide an integrated healing experience for mind, body, and spirit, helping people feel healthy, vibrant, and joyfully alive.

For more information about Jummee’s work, visit or Instagram/YouTube at Jummee Method.

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