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Transformational Vocal Alchemy

April 27 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm PDT

Virtual Event
Virtual Events

Please send me RSVP via email if you are attending. This is a very special experience to get a free taste of.


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No matter who you are or what you do; sound, and particularly the sound of your own voice, is: healing, empowering, and aligning to what is most real for you. It is a way to bring forth your truest expression. And, your truest expression allows into your life that which most perfectly matches to You. Whether that be career, relationship, or anything else you want, it is magnetized through your true expression.

For those that want to show up in greater and deeper service to the world. This workshop aligns you to the most genuine way for you to do that, and embeds deep within us the remembrance and recognition that to express ourselves truly and authentically in the world is in perfect alignment with how we are most meant to serve and allows us to serve the world in a powerful, easy, harmonious, and joyful way.

This introductory workshop opens space for you to be more You, through allowing and empowering your own frequencies. The underlying principal is to connect you more to yourself. As you express and you become more beautiful and aligned to Soul or Truth, all else falls into place.

All of the below parts of the course will be explained in simple, yet thorough, ways that everyone can understand. And all learning will be experiential as well in intellectual. We will practice a variety of exercises. Some that are more directed, others more free form. All exercises and practices you will have the ability to use for the rest of your life.

Join via the Zoom link here or click “Website” to learn more about Open To The Source.

About Emile Janse –

Emile Janse is a sound healer who specializes in throat singing, overtone singing, and opening the unique qualities of the voice. Also an accomplished player-performer-facilitator with didgeridoo, mouth harp, flute, and handpan.

Emile is fascinated by the multi-layered resonance of sound and its ability to bring us into profound healing states. He is a teacher, guide, and activator for individuals to connect to the unique and powerful frequencies of their incomparable voice – which he believes to be the most formidable and beautiful instrument there is.

Testimonials from Emile’s Voice Empowerment Series

I participated in Emile’s Vocal Empowerment Series” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Emile holds very compassionate, grounded, intuitive, and playful space, and embodies true leadership. In each session, he shared his knowledge with grace, and always welcomed participation and dialogue in the group. I left the course feeling more freedom and expansion in my body, more awakened and raw, and more alive! I highly recommend learning from him.


The Online Voice Empowerment Series was truly transformative. Toning has helped me move emotions through my body and get in touch with my uniqueness. Sharing this journey with others brought depth and vulnerability that always felt safe. Thank you to Emile for creating this space, bringing wisdom and presence to our experiences, and for the gift of healing through sound!

Marisa C.

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April 27
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Emile Janse


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