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The Liminal Space

February 1 @ 4:00 pm - February 3 @ 7:00 pm PST

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This workshop is for intuitive seekers and liberators. A three-day workshop series for self-healing, liberation, and spiritual autonomy.

  • We’ll talk about the mind and the impacts of judgment, criticism, and comparison on our bodies and the ways those behaviors directly impact intuition.

  • You’ll be provided with a how-to guide for identifying projections and understand how to begin or continue your work of dismantling colonial ways of thinking and being in the world, let me tell you our projections are a reflection of our society and we can change them!

  • We’ll talk about karma its insights and find new ways to understand why it is and how to catch it in motion. You’ll know how to interrupt its cyclical patterning and shift into living intuition infused.

  • We’ll practice Breathwork Healing, astral travel, and intuitive healings.

  • You’ll come out of it with an understanding of how I work with intuition, the rituals and nature-based tools I use, and gain the confidence to start working more closely with the subtle realms.

  • We’ll talk about Boundaries and Ethics as they relate to spiritual work. Tackle the big questions “What is our spiritual responsibility?”

  • How to identify and embody your values from a spiritual perspective.

In examining the word liminal, we see the Latin word ‘limen.’  This word translates to ‘threshold.’  Like just after waking, in that hazy still-floating-in-sleep moment where dreams are as real as waking life; or the transition from one identity to another, such as an egg or crysalis.

Together, we will explore the Liminal Space between known and unknown, where nothing is defined and everything is possible. It is here where all transformation takes place.

Together, we cross this threshold and tap into the balanced strength of Heart >< Mind connection.


Develop a new relationship with your inner world. Downloadable access to the content, playlists, guided meditation + journaling prompts.  Annalise’s intuitive guidance will lead you into The Liminal Space – where awareness grows. 

Day One: Clearing the Mind

  • Dialogue

  • Exercises

  • Breathwork

Day Two: Being in the liminal

  • Strategies for staying connected to the Liminal Space

  • Guided meditation and Astral travel

  • Q&A

Day Three: Receiving from the liminal

  • Nurturing liminal space in ordinary moments

  • How to reconnect to an expanded state when it seems impossible

  • Collective Intuitive Healing

What others have said about working with Annalise:

“Annalise helped me open the door to so much feeling and releasing which ultimately has helped me feel free from some of the junk I was carrying around. If you are looking to get out of your head and to explore what might be hidden, she’s a safe beautiful haven.” – Elaine

“After meeting her for the first time, and experiencing her intuitive healing, I knew I had to work with her. This woman is powerful and gifted in spiritual work. Breathwork with Annalise allowed my overworked ego to be at rest while the powerful and wise emotional body brought up a world of pain and trauma that I had stored and ignored for my whole life.  With the gentle guidance of Annalise and her on-point intuition, we moved through the stuck energy- Breathwork changed my life!” – Megan

“I am going to be absolutely honest with myself.  For the longest time, I had this image/idea of traveling to a majestic coastline, sitting alongside the ocean listening and watching while writing a love letter to someone I truly love and intend to spend the rest of my life with.  Daring to show up for myself each day has given me the freedom to explore and unveiled that in fact, I am that special person. This entire time I have been longing to write to my authentic self.  Breathwork is a radical stimulus to the greatest vows of my life and at the top and center it reads “Self Love”. Belly! Chest! Mouth! I love myself! – Prashanth

Join us for a three-day journey beyond the limit and step into the liminal.  I wonder, what’s alive and waiting for you? 

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February 1 @ 4:00 pm
February 3 @ 7:00 pm
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Spirited Roots


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