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Slow Flow & Sound Healing with Stephanie Starnes < Head + Heart

Slow Flow & Sound Healing with Stephanie Starnes

Slow Flow & Sound Healing with Stephanie Starnes

The sound healing will include gong, crystal singing bowls, voice/mantra, among other surprises. Feel free to bring a mat, blanket, pillow, or anything else to help you feel comfortable. This is a space for you to feel safe to surrender, relax, and be here exactly as you are.

About Stephanie Starnes

Stephanie Starnes is an intuitive artist, creating through voice, sound, movement, and image. She teaches yoga, holds sound healings, and creates through music and video. She is passionate about holding healing spaces, for the feminine and others to express themselves freely, and to help others to feel safe and welcome as they are. She loves many forms of artistic and soul expression, and continues to follow the call of spirit through nature and her own inner wisdom and voice.

Stephanie Starnes has been teaching since 2004, and has had the pleasure of teaching in Finland, Nicaragua, and at festivals such as Wanderlust Festival in California and Chicago, Bhakti Fest, Suhkava Bodhe, and Beloved Festival. She has been on the cover of Illumine Magazine, and has been featured in Origin Magazine, Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine, Well + Good NYC, and on

Join Stephanie Starnes in yoga class and sound healing workshops, where she hopes you will always feel welcomed, supported, challenged, loved and accepted as you are, in this moment.

If you would like to find out more details and information about this event with Stephanie Starnes please visit the website.

About The People’s Yoga

The People’s Yoga was established as a response to members of our community who found yoga was financially out of their reach but who wish to be included in the many and varied healing benefits the practice has to offer. It is our goal to foster a diverse, non-dogmatic, warm and encouraging environment free of competition and expectations to fit within the commercial mold.

Our job is to provide the highest quality of yoga instruction and ensure that it is accessible to all, regardless of economic barriers. To that end, we are grateful for the help of our highly experienced teachers. It is their skill, their passion for their students and their personal appreciation for the gifts of yoga that create the unique environment that is the foundation of our community.

You can join us at any of our four east-side locations on any day of the week. We offer more than 100 yoga classes per week, with styles ranging from beginner to advanced, and you are welcome to all of them. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact

Please visit the website for any more information on this event with Stephanie Starnes.

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