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Women's Spring Equinox Seasonal Circle < Head + Heart: A Mindful Calendar

Women’s Spring Equinox Seasonal Circle

Tap into the renewal of Spring during Ostara (aka. Spring Equinox). It is a time of growth and initiation. This Seasonal Circle will help us better connect with the new beginnings of Spring and open to direction in how to manifest the lives we desire.

The seasons are markers of time that acknowledge and celebrate agricultural and astronomical events. Seasonal festivals are determined by where the Sun is in relation to the Earth.

Return to the ways of the Earth, the ways of the Seasons.

Weaving workshop style knowledge with circle ritual wisdom:

☽ DISCOVER the wisdom of each season and create a sacred container for your growth
☽ EXPLORE an integrative approach
☽ ROOT to the Earth
☽ TAP into Emboldened Sisterhood
☽ EMBODY Your Soul through Ritual

Each Seasonal Circle is a result of years of research, practice and respect for soulcrafting immersed in Nature. There is nothing quite like these gatherings. Not just a workshop, not just a circle, but both – high vibes only NOT required.

***Registration required. SPACE is LIMITED. Registration closes March 19th. You will receive a welcome email along with details and a simple “what to bring” list.***

“The Seasonal Circles became my sanctuary, my safe haven. I loved everything about them – the company, the wealth of new knowledge, the magical blend of science, sociology, psychology, spirituality, and art all rolled into one. I was among like people in a setting where there were no differences and no outside noise – just acceptance and support through diversity of souls and spirits. I was (and still am) proud to be a woman, in all her glory and all her vulnerability.” ~ Kinga Kowalewska-Grochowska

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