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Shamanic Medicine Wheel Journey with Marilu Shinn

Marilu Shinn holds a private practice as  Shamanic Practitioner since 2012 & has been a Hatha Yoga teacher since 2005. Her formal training includes the Four Winds Society & the Mount Madonna Institute of Yoga as well as an ongoing apprenticeship with the Nusta Medicine Women of Peru. Her own healing journey brought her to embodied the Ancient Wisdom Traditions of Peru & to share the Medicine & Beauty of this Lineage as a path towards Empowerment & Embodiment.

Her mission & passion are to reconnect Women with their Authentic Selves; to awaken their somatic awareness through Yoga & Shamanic Practices & to reconnect them with their innate Sacred Wisdom as the foundations for leading fulfilling, whole lives. Marilu holds Women Empowerment Circles & Earth Based Ceremony in the Santa Cruz mountains. She works with men & women.

Medicine Wheel: Join us on an Epic Journey around the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. The Medicine wheel is a Shamanic Technology that holds the Intention of Transformation, Empowerment, Clarity & Healing. It is the enactment of a Mythical roadmap through the Four Sacred Directions. We will gather in groups of 4 & create a circle -Medicine Wheel- then work with the energy of each of the four directions:

  • South: Serpent Medicine, releasing old or outdated patterns & belief systems. Shedding the old skin. This is the direction of the Underworld & Healing. In the South, we clear what is no longer serving.
  • West: Jaguar Medicine, in the West we learn the ways of Jaguar; we learn to harness Personal Power & Discernment so that we may stop leaking energy in activities or relationships that are no longer in alignment.
  • North, Hummingbird Medicine, in the North we take the Journey into the heart, we honor our Ancestors & release ancestral imprints.
  • East, Condor Medicine, taking ownership of our Destinies, Seeing our greatest potential & acting on it. Clearing our vision from limiting beliefs.

    What to expect & what to bring:

    When approach with a solid intention, the Medicine Wheel can help us clear away what is no longer serving us & provide us with clarity & focus.

    Please bring 8 items that will represent issues, topics, themes we are intending to work on & clear ( 2 for each direction) items can be stones, sticks, objects you want to release, images of what we wish to attract, etc. Bring a journal & pen.

Early Bird $40 / Doors $50

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