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Self-Care to Sovereignty: 9 Month Journey


Ok, let’s just be honest here… many of us are conditioned to over-give! Even though, working, supporting others, caregiving, and parenting are pretty unavoidable, that conditioning means it’s easy to lose ourselves in roles and obligations.
We end up running on fumes and before we know it, self-care becomes soul abandonment, and our wild, primal nature slips further and further away. And we feel it. It’s Soul Loss!

Soul Care to Sovereignty creates a deeply sacred and safe space to heal that SOUL LOSS and brings you back to your Centre, your Sovereignty, and your Power.

SELF CARE to SOVEREIGNTY is a 9-month journey of soul retrieval, ceremony, somatic practices, and energy work all within a deeply transformative and safe space to support your return to your Sovereign Centre

3 hours LIVE connection & support on Zoom which includes:
A 2-hour Sacred Circle with Shamanic Healing Ceremony, Somatic Processes, Kundalini reset practices
A 1-hour Self-Healers Q&A session as a safe space to check-in and stay connected as you heal and learn
Integration Sheets to keep you on track
All the recordings for you to keep

Go to the Link > Scroll Down > Read about the $100 discount coupon

1. Turning Away & Turning In + Opening Ceremony: How to devote your time and energy to you even if it’s uncomfortable
2. Releasing Ancestral Roles: Understanding the influence of Ancestral connections and familial roles
3. Fawning & Distraction: Regulating your nervous system to avoid Soul Loss
4. Unearthing Your Needs: Coming home to the roots of your truth
5. Your Voice is a Blessing: Soul Retrieval & Authentic self expression
6. Nourishing Deep Roots: Integrating self-devotion as a gift to the world
7. Open Hearted Boundaries: Taking a stand without being blown over by every wind
8. Inspired by Influence: Containment of your Truth despite the pressures and the shoulds
9. Radiance & Sovereignty + Closing Ceremony: How to hold your centre while being in the world

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