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Sacred Sisterhood Retreat with Nikyla Maria

Sacred Sisterhood Retreat with Nikyla Maria

It’s time to rest and retreat deeper into ourselves to discover parts of ourselves we’ve never met. Nikyla Maria is hosting a beautiful 3 day 2 night Sacred Sisterhood retreat in the calming forests of Washington, near the breathtaking Mount Rainier. like no other. A three day Ceremony of Renewal and Femininity. We will start our evening by melting into the beautiful energies of a Sound Bath and a deep shamanic journey. As your grow closer to your self and step fully into your power.

After a period of reflection we will get in touch with our bodies, our femininity, our hopes, our desires and dreams, stretching, breathing, and talking.

We will Dance through our emotions, and learn how to communicate our truth authentically.
We gather in one communal space to connect, heal, grow, & empower one another while catalyzing the transformation and progress of our world.

This is for women looking for space to learn more about themselves, step into their power and start living a life on their terms. We are combining spirituality with complete badassery as we learn about who we are, what we want and EXACTLY how to get it.

This is for women of all walks of life; passionate women who are inspired to powerfully shape this world, to be a leader your unique way, to cultivate your gifts, and be supported by a collective sisterhood where we rise together in strength, divine feminine power, and truth.

Our Sisterhood Circle can support you in feeling wonderfully connected & empowered to take bold, passionate and consistent impactful actions towards your dreams.

The retreats theme will be self-love and empowerment. We will connect, journal, share, perhaps laugh, perhaps cry as the sisterhood is guided through activities, meditation, rituals, movement, reflection. We will spend three days disconnected from technology and deeply connected with ourselves.

You will leave feeling

In touch with yourself
Able to express yourself
A clear understanding of who you are and what you want
The ability to GET exactly what you want
Healed and Clear

We will also discuss and work through topics such as how to be in sisterhood with other women, the power of the feminine, shifting from hiding to fearless visibility, and feeling confident AF!

You are welcome to join us exactly as you are, no matter how you’re feeling, your presence and authenticity is an immense gift to the circle and is what nourishes and inspires authentic connection.

This is a safe, confidential, and supportive space for you to be seen and celebrated as the woman you have become, and empowered to step into the woman you desire to be.

What is Included:

Healthy Food for your 3 days stay
Sound Healing
Shamanic Healing
3 Days of Personalized Coaching and Empowerment
3 Days of Retreat and Bliss

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