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Two or Four Month Retreat at Nyingma Institute

Two or Four Month Retreat at Nyingma Institute

The two parts of this retreat at Nyingma can be attended separately as Two Month Retreats.

Retreat A (Inner Freedom) is perfect for anyone who’d like to deeply transform, discover anew, and activate the healing energy of mind and body. Our approach at Nyingma is humanistic, gentle, and direct. It does not rely on a belief system, although spiritual practitioners of all faiths are welcome.

We start with practices designed for deep relaxation, followed by experiential inquiry into the ways that sensation, feeling, and thinking operate. Based on this exploration, we gently investigate our habits, patterns, and self-images before emerging with new knowledge and insight into the fundamentals of our being.

Retreat B at Nyingma (Integrating Practice and Life) opens up our vision of the path of the Bodhisattva and explores how we can come to embody the teachings through work, relationships, and our interactions in the world. It focuses on Rinpoche’s distinctive approach to Skillful Means, exploring how to integrate practice with daily life and work.

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