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Restorative Yoga Retreat at Expanding Light < Head + Heart

Restorative Yoga Retreat at Expanding Light

If you’re seeking the rich and transformative benefits of restorative yoga, The Expanding Light is a perfect setting. The natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada foothills, enhanced by the harmonious and restful design of The Expanding Light, the delicious and healthful food, and the staff who put your needs first, all combine for a magical weekend of being very, very good to yourself!

Anyone can do restorative yoga, and everyone loves it.

Restorative yoga is safe, nurturing, and systematic, and helps you relax and release deep tension with no effort.

In this rejuvenating retreat, you’ll rest supported by pillows and folded blankets in poses designed to open areas of the body where most tensions are stored. This practice is ideal for those with physical tension and pain, or mental tension and anxiety. (Can you think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it!)

You’ll feel deep-seated tensions melt away during two long, guided sessions of Restorative Yoga on Saturday (including Chakra Session). The weekend is primarily experiential, designed to include a Saturday afternoon free for a long walk and/or a massage at the Center for Radiant Health.

You’ll also learn some basic principles to help you gain more from the exercises, including how to:

  • Consciously release stress and old habits of body, mind, and spirit
  • Work with the chakras (subtle energy centers), through the poses, to aid deep healing
  • Use breathing exercises, sacred music, meditation, and visualization to enhance your overall experience of rejuvenation
  • Easily practice your restorative yoga at home

When you arrive, you will receive a yoga eye pillow, which you can use throughout the weekend and take home with you. Place it over the eyes during the poses to put gentle weight on the eyes, which cause the whole face to relax. When the face is relaxed, the entire body follows. It is a deeply calming experience.

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