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Sacred intimate circle to hold you in a field of light to receive personalized messages and a group activation for your light body.

When we come together, we activate our collective essence and the energy is magnetic. Often we go deeper within our own healing as others reflect layers within ourselves. Our sacred circle is here to support you in elevating your light body, releasing and letting go of all the niggly bits and centering back into your heart of hearts: the Seat of your Soul. During our time, we’ll work within the Akashic Records for the highest elevation. By signing up, you give me permission to access your Records and bring forward their guidance and support.

The Goddess Consciousness and Akashic Support are beautifully harmonizing with each other to make sure you receive the “and better” because they know how insatiable your are, you just might have forgotten.

If you’re feeling the call, I would love to have you there! Space is limited so I invite you to register to secure you sacred spot.


~ Richelle

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