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Online Satsang with Kosi: Living Freedom Series – Sanatana Dharma

January 16 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

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Living Freedom

Online Satsang Series

THEME: Sanatana Dharma—What is it?

What is sanatana dharma? How does it help you discover unending bliss?



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Satsang is a meeting held in the highest truth that directly supports a radical shift in your consciousness from the suffering of your mind to the living happiness of your heart. The teaching of Kosi emphasizes the yogic practices, science, and psychology essential for breaking free of fear, sadness, anxiety, stress, and many other forms of suffering you experience as you move through life. This teaching provides amazing support for the ultimate release from all suffering known as moksha.

“This teaching is potent—real, raw, loving, and intimate support for your own direct realization of the bliss of being.” — KOSI

This teaching represents a radical departure from the limited perspective of what is known as Neo-Advaita or the idea of instant enlightenment. It provides you with the essential context and yogic practices required for ending painful patterns of suffering—astonishing support for your own direct realization of the clear light of awareness—the luminous freedom of your heart—the proven antidote to the three poisons of ego, mind, and genetic mind. This potent perspective provides you with ongoing support for what can be the arduous process of liberation from the karmic wheel of suffering—support for the direct permanent realization of indescribable happiness.

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The purpose of this ancient teaching is to ignite the sacred fire of potent subtle and causal energies within your body with the innate power to remove conscious, unconscious, and genetic tendencies that hide your true nature. This sacred fire burns away the physicalness of both conscious and unconscious tendencies that evaporate over time with the application of simple and potent yogic practices. This teaching is very alive with a potent transmission that directly supports living your life from the open, fresh, aliveness of your heart.

“The process of liberation requires an intimate understanding of the nature of suffering, the science of suffering, and the actual application of the yogic practices proven to be the ante-dote to the root cause of all suffering—the three ancient poisons of ignorance, arrogance, and instinct.”— KOSI

This path is known as the mountain path of liberation based on the eternal presence and teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Amma Karunamayi. This unique perspective is steeped in the ancient science of yogic practices, neuroscience, psychology, and practical everyday practices that deepen over time. Kosi’s potent teaching serves to simplify even the most complex spiritual concepts and provides you with both short and long-term support for directly experiencing the profound happiness of your being.

Satsang with Kosi is for everyone and the potent transmission this teaching represents requires a certain willingness and maturity to intimately examine what is actually going on within you. Kosi provides you with potent, compassion, love, and support for facing even the most painful emotions, memories, and life situations. She is a proven master at guiding you through the gauntlet of karmic, genetic, and mental illusions that act as a barrier to the wide expanse and freedom of pure being.

If you are serious about liberation, moksha, enlightenment—this path is the most potent, direct, and real support for the direct realization and the ultimate release of all suffering known as moksha, enlightenment, liberation, and salvation!

Please join us for this life-changing meeting!

All Public Satsangs with Kosi are free and open to everyone.



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January 16
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Wisdom Rock Foundation


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