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New Moon Transformation & Growth Yoga Retreat < Head + Heart: Mindful Events

New Moon Transformation & Growth Yoga Retreat

This yoga retreat will introduce you to new styles of practice and provide expert teaching, yoga, meditation and beginner yoga flows. We will also hike and reconnect with nature. 2 in-house chef meals will be lovingly prepared for you each day.

  • Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been
  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace
  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected
  • Have a wonderful time learning a different practice than your own

This retreat will be based on the new moon. This will be about transformation and growth.

There will be a new moon workshop that will include creating visions, setting intentions, learning how to manifest your intentions through written exercise, clearing space with sage, along with a creative new moon flow.

There will be organic dancing under the moonlight blindfolded, mediating in the mornings, with journaling and reflection and a Hatha flow every morning with a Restorative Yoga class with Reiki that is optional.

Sedona retreats nurture individuals who seek to heal the soul and find forgiveness, enlightenment, balance and inner peace.

Retreat from the mile-a-minute pace of your world to spend time at one of these Sedona, AZ metaphysical and holistic retreats.

Your time here will transform your soul and help you discover yourself with the aid of Sedona’s vortex energy, yoga, meditation and organic elements like aromatherapy and healthy eating.

Retreats are easy to book as they are usually a full-service package of first-class lodging, meals and local excursions for individuals, couples, and groups who seek self-discovery and actualization in the midst of Sedona’s magical landscape.

We will wake up each day to a morning meditation, followed by fresh juices, yoga flow, breakfast, local hikes, breathwork daily along with a time to process and discuss.

Dinner is included as well. There will be free time in uptown Sedona for lunch.


Danielle Arzt has a playful spirit that focuses on healing the body as a whole. She is known for the authenticity of her passion by guiding others deep into the layers beyond the physical sheath.

Corey Miller discovered meditation 12 years ago while going through the recovery process. Corey was a chef for 15 years before entering the drug and alcohol treatment field. Corey has found a way to bring everything he has learned on and off the streets to better help his community and clients through healthy choices on and off the plate.

Frankie: After a lifelong struggle with drugs and alcohol, Frankie found himself at a crossroads in life. He was existing through homelessness and watching his friends fade away from their addictions. He had a moment of clarity, asked for help, and never looked back. After years of sobriety, his thirst for spiritual knowledge led him to the roots of yoga. He fell in love immediately and knew he wanted to teach.


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