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Fall Equinox Yin Yoga plus Sound bath with Nancy Lea < Head + heart

Fall Equinox Yin Yoga plus Sound bath with Nancy Lea

Please join Nancy Lea for an extended Yin practice as we shift from the generative and expansive energy of summer to the inward and grounding energy of fall. The practice will end with a nourishing sound bath to soothe the nervous system.

The fall equinox marks the beginning of a slowing down in nature and encourages us to embrace a more internal, reflective state of being.

This transitional season from late summer to early fall is represented by the element of earth, which when in balance we feel nourished, supported, centered and at ease in our bodies and our relationships. When out of balance, we may feel worried, anxious and ungrounded and this can manifest in the body/mind as compulsiveness and an inability to find a healthy balance between giving and receiving in our relationships.

In his book, ‘The Way of the Five Seasons’, John Kirkwood says “When earth energies are balanced, there is a natural recognition of the abundance the universe offers us, from the bounty and the beauty of nature to the love and connection with others to the simple fact of being alive.”

Our practice will incorporate wisdom from Chinese medicine theory and stimulate the meridian lines associated with the stomach (how we nourish ourselves through all that we take in) and spleen (transformation of what we take in into Qi, our vital energy and life force). This is an opportunity to slow down, embrace the changing seasons and find harmony and flow in our lives.


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