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Matt Kahn Live: Healing Your Empathic Heart Workshop < Head + Heart

Matt Kahn Live: Healing Your Empathic Heart Workshop

Matt Kahn Live: Healing Your Empathic Heart

Would you like to shine brightly without fear of rejection or retribution? Are you ready to heal wounds of past persecutions? Isn’t it time to feel worthy of your uniqueness, inner gifts and true life purpose? If so, then please join best-selling author, YouTube sensation and empathic healer Matt Kahn to reclaim the power of your light in the most direct and heart-centered way. If you are ready to release the pattern of struggle and begin thriving in all areas of life, then this event will act as a perfect introduction to a brand new reality.

This one-day immersion is your opportunity to directly experience the bliss of your highest consciousness without having anything to work on, micromanage, fix or maintain. If bliss is life’s natural state of being, then this one-day immersion is a chance to activate this sacred remembrance and experience the light of your soul with effortless ease. If you are ready to receive your light at full capacity and learn how to live as one with the light of others, no matter the outcomes at hand, then this immersion will offer you the clarity and relief that you desire.

Each gathering is a living, breathing, visceral experience of unconditional love to inspire your soul’s journey to be reawakened, and reimagined in the most heart-centered way.

Using his laser-like, highly-honed intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing, Matt Kahn feels the emotions of others and is able to accurately pinpoint what blocks any heart from opening. As a result, he brings forth revolutionary teachings through the spoken word to assist energetically-sensitive beings in healing the body, awakening the soul, and transforming reality to its absolute potential. At each live event, Matt delivers channeled teachings that guide you into higher levels of consciousness with humor, gentleness, and ease.

If you’re ready to explore your life’s purpose on a deeper level, feel more aligned with Spirit, and contribute to the awakening of humanity by shining your light as never before; you are invited to receive the timeless insights, loving wisdom, and healing energy that are offered at each Soul Gathering, Weekend Immersion, and Retreat event. The messages, healing energies, and “It’s amazing how he’s speaking just to me!” moments are a part of the alchemical combination that have had people coming back to these gatherings again and again from states and even countries away.


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March 15
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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