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Manifest: Hypnotherapy & Sound Journey [Free!]

October 21 @ 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm PDT

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Break through beliefs that are holding you back from the life of your dreams.

Hypnotherapy and sound meditation are two cutting edge techniques that can leverage your subconscious mind to help you thrive. We’re live-streaming a FREE soothing sound meditation with transformational hypnotherapist Rani Maree. Let us help you flourish.


Why hypnotherapy + sound healing?

Most of what keeps us ‘stuck’ are subconscious programming, beliefs and fears we learned in childhood that are contrary to our conscious goals. Most of us, for example, would never declare with purpose “I am not enough”, for example, but our subconscious mind may hold these and similar toxic beliefs.

As we go through life, we all accumulate heartaches, baggage and wounds, no matter how lucky we may be. It’s our responsibility to process and release these so these wounds don’t limit our future possibilities.

Healing modalities that put you in a relaxed state can reprogram the subconscious mind.


What is Sound Meditation Presents?

Sound Meditation Presents is a platform that combines these two powerful mediums to create hypnotherapy journeys to elevate you. We have journeys for letting go of bad habits, opening to love, releasing ancestral trauma and so much more.

We source the ideas for upcoming journeys directly from our community— so if there’s something you want to work on, we will make it happen.

You can access these journeys at any time, as well as other healing modalities such as sound healing and yoga nidra. While a single hypnotherapy session will run you upwards of $150, our platform is just $16 a month.


Hypnotherapy by Rani Maree

Rani Maree is a transformational hypnotherapist. Her toolkit includes coaching, life strategy, psychotherapy, and clinical hypnosis— including Rapid Transformational Therapy. Rani’s passion is helping people create big shifts using the power of the subconscious mind.

Sound meditation by Guy Douglas and Simona Asinovski

Co-founders of Sound Meditation Presents. Guy has been sharing the soothing power of sound for almost 15 years. Simona learned from Guy, and her passion is helping others discover this powerful soothing modality and integrate it into their practice. They are the creators of ‘The Sound Healing Symphony’ and their work has been featured on NBC Today.

What do you mean by manifestation?

Many believe that one of the best ways to achieve what you want is by focusing on it. At the very least, this will align your thoughts and actions with your goals, and keep you working towards what you want (instead of trying to avoid what you do want). Don’t underestimate the power of your mind alone— many people are surprised how strong the results of focusing on what they want can be.

~ How to Prepare~

1.) Think about what you want to call into your life. We’ll be reminding you.
2.) Yes, you can experience the full power of a sound bath + hypnotherapy session virtually. Some say it’s even better because you get to lay in your own bed, stretch around if you want to, and you don’t have to rush anywhere afterwards : )
2.) Great headphones are the key. You can also listen on good speakers. We’ve made a list of headphone recommendations posted in the discussion.
3.) Create your nest. We suggest laying on your bed! Put a pillow underneath your head, and one underneath your knees if you have low back issues.
4.) Cover your eyes with an eye pillow or sleep mask to go deeper.
5.) Invite a sense of ritual…light a candle, or use some essential oils.
6.) (optional) Drink some relaxing tea before you tune in. Chamomile, lavender, kava, holy basil are all good options.

It can feel nice to stretch beforehand and/or journal. The more comfortable you are on the journey, the deeper you will go.

We hope this offering helps you call it in.

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