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A workshop for Those Who GIVE, to RECEIVE - with Lindsay Shea < Head + Heart

A workshop for Those Who GIVE, to RECEIVE – with Lindsay Shea

A workshop for Those Who GIVE, to RECEIVE – with Lindsay Shea

A two-hour workshop with Lindsay Shea designed for those who give, to receive. Come to the beautiful studio of Limber Yoga to receive healing and restoration from Lindsay Shea of Luminary Healing Arts and Siobhan Barrett of Ipseity Healing Arts through yoga, meditation, pranayama, reiki and aromatherapy.

The workshop with Lindsay Shea and Siobhan Barrett will begin with a sitting meditation practice for you to bring in an intention for your own healing. There will be a brief period offered for journaling after the meditation for you to write any notes, intentions or thoughts you would like to carry with you from the workshop.

We will transition into a 90-minute restorative yoga practice. Starting with a slow-flow to gently heat and open the body, we will then move into long holds meant to offer a deep opening, restoration, and support to your physical body. During this time, Lindsay Shea and Siobhan Barrett will move through the space offering a combination of Reiki and supportive touch with a custom essential oil blend designed to support the practice and your healing.

We will offer an affirmative consent practice, so at any time during the workshop, you may opt out of touch and energetic healing work without having to verbally communicate.

Included with each registration for this event with Lindsay Shea is a dram filled with a custom blend for the Spring Equinox. The blend will be diluted with fractioned coconut oil for topical application and is infused with reiki for you to take home to continue to use as part of your self-care rituals.

Lindsay Shea, CDP, is the director and owner of Luminary Healing Arts, a Reiki II Practitioner and Sendatsu-trained, and registered yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga since 2011 as part of her personal journey to health, wellness and recovery from addiction. She has completed trauma-informed yoga training as a certified Yoga for 12-Step Recovery space-holder, has a bachelor’s in psychology and sociology, a 2-year certification in drug and alcohol counseling, and is pursuing a Masters in Addiction Studies.

Since early 2017, Lindsay Shea has been offering a yoga group therapy program in an outpatient treatment setting to incorporate self-care through yoga, meditation and mindfulness into the recovery journeys of her clients. In her teaching, Lindsay blends mindfulness of emotions, physical sensations and breath into the physical practice of yoga, and offers restorative and yin practices with nourishing, hands-on touch supported by her custom-created, reiki-infused essential oil blends.

Lindsay Shea incorporates trauma-informed and affirmative consent practices into her classes with the intention to create a space where all bodies, genders and humans are welcome and feel empowered in their practice. In 2018, she founded Luminary Healing Arts to offer yoga, meditation, essential oil blends and Reiki as a creative blend of all the aspects of healing arts she loves.

Siobhan Barrett, Reiki Master Teacher and Avesa Healing Practitioner, is the founder of West Seattle’s Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio. As a combat veteran and former religious-cultural advisor who has dedicated her life post-service to healing, Siobhan brings together over 20 years of cumulative applied psychological, sociological, religious and multi-cultural expertise with a variety of healing and wellness modalities. She has studied internationally with respected healers and shamans, and since 2011, has received specialized training and certifications in earth-based medicine, Body Talk Access, Quantum Clairvoyance, Emotion Code, Ascended Numerology and Cosmic Life Regression.

Through Intuitive Healing, Guidance and Reiki Certification Classes, Siobhan offers empowerment, clarity and relaxation. A blend of science-based and esoteric education plays a significant role in her practice, and she often works collaboratively with healing practitioners of various modalities to offer uniquely immersive, nurturing experiences. She is deeply passionate about facilitating healing, and works together with each individual to help them identify and clear their holistic blocks and past traumas; tap into their blueprint to heal themselves; trust themselves more fully; and encourage more effective communication between their body, mind and spirit.

What is accomplished in our co-creative space, is balance and the freedom to more fully relinquish what is no longer serving or supporting our lives.  And to move forward confidently into our collectively envisioned future. Explore for additional information.

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April 21
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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