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Kundalini Dance ~ Embodied Wholeness {9 Week Ceremony for Women}

Kundalini Dance ~ Embodied Wholeness {9 Week Ceremony for Women}

Kundalini Dance – Embodied Wholeness
A 9 week Sacred Alchemical Ceremony for Women
Mondays March 18 to May 13*, 2019
7:15pm – 9:45pm

*Embody the Transformational Art of Chakra Alchemy*

∞ Feeling luminescence from the inside ~ out
∞ Feeling grounded, deeply connected, and thriving with your relationship to yourself, your body, and with Mother Earth
∞ Feeling in awe, inspired from within, and soulfully activated in your truth and power
∞ Feeling wonderous, serene, and spacious within yourself, with your gifts, and in your place in the Universe.

*Come, alchemize your life and blossom in the beauty-way*

All parts of you are welcome. This is for you, wherever you are.

Maybe parts of you are feeling disconnected, uncertain, or in overwhelm. Perhaps lethargic, uninspired, and unsure about your path and where you want to go or how to let go of that which is not serving you anymore. Other parts of you may be feeling on purpose and with passion, but busy in the mind and outward activities of life, and you’re craving a soft place to land and come back to centre and the quietness of your soul. Or even still, you may be feeling ready and willing to continue to peel back the layers of healing, harmony and illumination, and let your radiance and impact shine bigger and brighter!

You are worthy to remember and reclaim ALL of who you are. We are multidimensional beings and are allowed to feel the in-between of our selves and our life. This is Wholeness and Infinite Love.

You are invited to let go, surrender the push-pull, and release that which is heavy. You are invited to soften into your heart to heal and empower those parts of you that are seeking harmony and understanding. You are invited to transform, inspire and embody your bliss.

You can arrive time and time again, as you are, and feel your way forward.

This is sacred ceremony for you and your soul, a time and space for you to honour who you are and amplify the loving vibration of your heart.

You know the way…dance your medicine and embody your wholeness.

*Embody your Divine Design through Soul, Body, then Mind*

Allow your feminine power and presence to rise and lead you.
What if you let your intuition and feminine body lead you, rather than the other way around of you trying to lead it?

What if you could tap into own souls essence and divine downloads through ritual, embodiment, and divine guidance to actually enjoy the process with ease, efficiency and an accelerated feeling of inner {and outer} excellence?

And what if it was possible and even simple, to feel your divine blueprint, discover where and how to flow your energy, and to reclaim your power, confidence and passionate direction with grace, beauty and playfulness?

You are worthy. You are welcome. You are whole.

*Dance your Divine Design with Alchemical Ecstatic Blueprints*

Through soulful self-discovery practices, 5D visionary tools and transformational ritual, you will feel your feminine and masculine presence to co-create within this sacred vessel to know, seed, create, and embody the wholeness of your beauty.

Kundalini Dance is a self generating, sacred tantric dance practice where we work with the deep primal forces of the Divine Feminine Earth and Divine Masculine light of Source. We invite these energies to unify and integrate deep in our heart and ignite sacred union in every cell of our being so we can live in full alignment with more joy, love, peace and embodied freedom.

In Kundalini Dance session, the raising of Kundalini Shakti is combined with the opening of the unconditional love centre in the heart chakra. Working with both the Divine Feminine upward and Divine Masculine downward currents of energy simultaneously create a balanced and alchemical practice that is gentle, safe and ecstatic. All of our beliefs, thought forms and patterns are held in the DNA of our cells, physical bodies, energy fields and our our chakras. As we clear our central energy channel and bring life force through each chakra we can unwind wounded patterns, re-wire old pathways of brain, and empower ourselves cellularly, physically, emotionally and energetically.

This ecstatic embodiment practice shows us so much of our inner world. It rejuvenates and heals our body, purifies stagnant emotional energy, brings insight and clarity into limiting beliefs, and remaps pathways to love that support the awakening and integration of higher consciousness and soulful living.

As we travel the Chakra system; beginning in Root Chakra and ending in Crown Chakra, each dance becomes a transformational process of deep presence, self-healing, and energetic alchemy as we authentically express through the freedom of movement, breath, and sound.

As we flow throughout the weeks and increase our vibration, transmissions will continue to pour in from the Elements, Ascended Masters, and Akashic Guides in how to embody, and live in our most exhalted, benevolent path of rainbow light codes and prosperity. In addition to and naturally aligning with the frequencies of Kundalini Dance are the loving transmissions from your Womb Wisdom, Akashic Record Keepers, Light Language vibrations, and the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters of the golden crystalline energy of the Sophia Code.

Read all the detail at:

There are 3 ways to invest in your remembering and your expansion. Please visit the website to feel what is best for you and your ecstatic transformation.

All Options include:
♥ 8 In-person transformational Kundalini Dance journeys that include shamanic chakra healing, womb wisdom, sacred ceremony, and divine feminine embodied teachings
♥ 1 Luminous Light Activation & HeartCore Group Guidance – online video call (midway of program on Wednesday April 24 at 7:15pm)
♥ Deep Soul Diving Workbook – laser focussed chakra information, journal & reflection questions, inspiration for mind-body-soul illumination
♥ 2 Personal Illuminate Your Spirit Guidance Calls – 20min each (can be booked before, during or after the program*)
♥ 9 Weeks (and beyond!) Deepening The Teachings Mentorship – healing transmissions, support, and inspiration through private Facebook group guidance and weekly videos for deeper insight and integration
♥ Access to our Private Kundalini Dance Facebook Collective – in this exclusive community you can connect with other like-minded, soulful women who are going through or have been through the same process and alchemy. This online community reminds you every day that you’re not alone and we can always do this work together as we ride together.. I cherish all of these women immensely as they bring so much value of their love and gifts to the world

Questions? Please email Martine at to register. Payment can be made by e-transfer or credit card. Payment plans are available.

About Martine Kleissen:
Martine is a ‘heartpreneur’ that believes self-love, heart-centered connection and transformational growth flourish when in union with sacred connection and authentic expression. A practicing Intuitive Guide, Certified Akashic Records Consultant and blessed to have 7 years as a Kundalini Dance Facilitator, Martine is a creator of sacred space and a catalyst for accessing deep heart wisdom. A lifelong student having undergone years of study in both divinity and humanity, including mentorship in shamanic and spiritual practices, she calls upon ancient wisdom-teachings and traditions to guide her work and be-ing. Committed to working with women to empower their lives by remapping and healing their mind-body-spirit, Martine anchors a rainbow bridge of divine feminine and masculine energies as she amplifies their wellbeing, inner connection and the embodiment of freedom. First introduced to Kundalini Dance and the Andean Mesa in 2009, she transformed her life though the sacred practices and connection to her inner dancer and healer through the alchemical breath keys and shamanic healing. She travelled to Australia in 2013 to become a certified KD facilitator and absolutely loves creating sacred spaces for women to dance their divinity in sisterhood and inspire transformation and connection within.

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