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Jñāna Yoga Retreat: Awakening Through Understanding // Head + Heart

Jñāna Yoga Retreat: Awakening Through Understanding

September 27 @ 5:00 pm - September 29 @ 2:00 pm PDT

Salt Spring Island Centre of Yoga
355 Blackburn Rd.
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K2B8
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Have you been practising yoga for many years but feel that little progress has been made? Or, are you relatively new to yoga and feel confused about its complexity and its dense overlay of Indian culture with animal deities and Sanskrit chants? Do you believe that success in yoga can only be achieved through many lifetimes of purification, austerity, meditation and virtuous behavior? How can the task be so tedious, so complicated and lengthy when all we seek is the simple reality of who we truly are?

In this retreat we will investigate deep-seated beliefs about who we are and what yoga is. Jñāna yoga, the path of knowledge, sometimes called the direct path, sheds light on the dark areas of our misunderstandings and awakens us to the deeper reality of who we are.

This retreat will consist of five sessions of about two hours each where through discourse, interaction and simple exercises, we will learn to set aside the obstacles that obstruct our direct experience of ourself.

There will also be two morning sessions of restorative yoga asanas to enhance relaxation, reduce chronic tension and help create an environment conducive to deeper insight into our true nature.

Course Instructors

Alan (Shankar) Martin took yoga teacher training with Swami Vishnudevananda in 1972, and has been a student of Baba Hari Dass since the founding of Dharma Sara in 1975. He has taught every year at the SSCY Yoga Teacher Training program since its inception in 2002, and has served in many roles at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga including Director. He has a PhD in Kinesiology from SFU and taught for many years at various Canadian universities before retiring as Professor Emeritus in the School of Kinesiology at UBC.

Tanya Garland began her yoga practice in 2006 after a serious car accident, and soon noticed not only physical healing but also a new inner balance and tranquility. She then devoted herself to yoga and took teacher trainings through to the 500 hour level; she has also studied yoga for pain, trauma and cancer. In this retreat we will focus on stress release, relaxation and openness, and so the sessions will not be physically challenging at all. Tanya brings to her students curiosity, an open heart, and a natural warmth and humour. Her sessions will complement the discussions as through understanding and relaxation we dissolve some of the hindrances in both body and mind that prevent us from resting in our natural state and directly knowing our true being.

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