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Interfaith Women's Conference - Presented by Associate Ministries < Head + Heart

Interfaith Women’s Conference – Presented by Associate Ministries

Join us Saturday, March 9, 2019 for the 2nd Biennial Interfaith Women’s Conference, “Seeking Peace: Our Journey”, an event for women of all faiths and goodwill throughout the entire Puget Sound region. Together, we’ll experience the power of unity and discover new ways to strengthen our communities. As we learn from and grow with one another at the Interfaith Women’s Conference, we will explore ways we can work together to assist more people in need.

This one-day conference was designed for women who are interested in exploring the potential and power of interfaith collaboration, renewing their personal spiritual life, and engaging with their community to spur positive change. In an often-divisive world, the Interfaith Women’s Conference will emphasize that which unites us—the desire to understand one another and support each other as we seek peace along our journey.

Keynote Speaker
Melannie Denise Cunningham

Who better to speak to our theme “Seeking Peace: Our Journey” than the 2018 Tacoma Peace Laureate Melannie Denise Cunningham!

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An Evening with Elizabeth Smart
2019 Service Project Opportunities
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We look forward to seeing you at the 2nd Interfaith Women’s Conference!
Prepare yourself for a moving, fun and enriching day!
To register visit website
$49 (includes lunch)

Limited scholarships are available. To request a scholarship, please contact
Sandy Windley at or 253-426-1506.


Deepen Your Meditations
Writing Your Story
Education – The Power to Lift
Taking Care of You: Mental Health and Self Care for Women
The Wise Leader: Leading in a Fractured World Using Empathy and Compassion
A Little Love: Self Care for Mid-Life
Holistic Health
Sex Trafficking Signs and Prevention: Talking to Teens
A String and a Prayer
Journeying with Grief: A Communal Space for Healing and Resilience
Dances of Universal Peace
Aging with Grace and Wisdom: Rethink the 2nd Half of your Life!
Laughing Through the Journey
Humanitarian Efforts Service Project


Transforming Your Life
The Vital Role of Women of Faith in Our Community
PeaceMaking: Conflict without Hurt
Become Super You: Be a Leader, Starting Now
Searching for You: Finding Family Roots
Plant-Based Eating for Health and Healing
Self-Defense for Women
Triumph of the Soul: Creating Good Out of Tragedy
This Is Me
Worship, Pray, Read: How Faith Practices Strengthen Us
Social Justice – Women’s Global Interfaith Efforts
Singing Bowls Sound Bath
Addiction Recovery – from Breakdown to Breakthrough
Women in Islam
Humanitarian Efforts Service Project


Transforming Your Life
Your Voice, #MeToo and the Issues of Today
The Unexpected Happens – Now What?
Dances of Universal Peace
Domestic Violence – Sign and Solutions
Your Body is a Temple: Ayurvedic Practices
Self-Defense for Women
Music for the Soul: An Expression of Faith
Faith Over Fear: Standing With Your Muslim Neighbors
Women, Faith and Money
Singing Bowls Sound Bath
Women and Homelessness
Suicide – Understanding and Prevention
Christianity and the Transsexual: Reconciling Your Faith
Humanitarian Efforts Service Project


Abi McLane
Rev. Abigail Vizcarra Perez
Amanda Littleton
Aneelah Afazali
Barbara Henderson
Becky Gehring
Cari Palmer
Elise DeGooyer
Dr. Emily Mackelprang
Erin Guinup
Rev. Evette Jackson
Rev. Farishta Lindsay
Dr. Gilda Sheppard
Jaminah Shannon
Dr. Jen Burnett
Jessica Bhuiyan
Juanita Contreras
Dr. Judith W. Kay
Kate Fontana
Katy Castellanos
Kay Robbins
Kerri Pedrick
Linda Bird
Rev. Linda Hart
Maggy Delaney and Rhonda Schimon
Dr. Marilyn Loy Every
Martha Davis
Mary Aongo
Melannie Denise Cunningham
Melissa Jorgensen
Pamela Higley
Polly MacLean
Rebecca Wolf
Sara Corbishley
Shalisa Hayes
Sherry Bernklau
Sonja Hopkins
Stephanie Jordan
Suzy Green
Teona Kelley
Tracie Davis
T’wina Franklin Nobles
Victoria Woodards

Click here for full info on the Interfaith Women’s Conference – Presented by Associate Ministries.

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