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Healing Meditation and Reiki Share with Rod Abernathy < Head + Heart

Healing Meditation and Reiki Share with Rod Abernathy

Reiki Master Rod Abernathy will guide you through a meditation grounding and connecting to our physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies listening to their needs and desires. Once the needs and desires are identified the Loving Reiki Energies will start their work in assisting you through a trip of Self-Alchemy, resetting your current vibrations to what you hold the desire for them to be.

We will then share healing energies with each other.

At the end of the session all portals and cords we have engaged in for the session will be released, sending you on your way invigorated.

You will be given the opportunity to bask in the relaxing and healing energies of Reiki and the Ancients

Fibonacci tuning forks will be utilized to open portals for the session.

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