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Healing Cannabis Retreat < Head + Heart: A Mindful Calendar

Healing Cannabis Retreat

In this Cannabis Retreat, enjoy the benefits of Healing Cannabis!

*Cannabis and Yin Yoga,
*Private Thai Massage,
*Personalized Henna and
*Cannabis Education.
*Delight your senses with Delicious Vegan meals as well as a variety of Cannabis products.

***Cannabis and Yin Yoga:

Feel the Healing effects of Cannabis combined with Yin yoga.
Explore your inner world as we step into this unique yoga experience.
Allow the soothing and relaxing qualities of Marijuana to aide in your Yin Yoga practice.

Join us as we combine the medicinal qualities of Cannabis, with the soothing and opening sensations of Yin Yoga.
Take a puff of Organic, Farm to Pipe, Herb and then allow yourself to be guided deep within.
Utilizing the Stillness and Presence that Yin Yoga offers, in order to go deeper and deeper within our mind and bodies.

Recognize tensions and unease within the body and then create space to move what no longer serves.

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time.

Easing into our bodies and exploring hidden tensions,
We create space for Opening, and Understanding.

Yin encourages Stillness, Awareness and Inner Truth.

Allowing the body to relax and find its place within the pose, we invite expansion and encourage mind/body communication.
Instead of focusing on muscles, movement and strength, we will be exploring the Healing potential of softening and allowing.

“Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality”
-Michael Sexton

Yin Yoga Philosophy:
*Find your edge within each pose (Only go as far as what feels right for you in that moment)
*Make the commitment to stay in the pose (Once you have found your place within the pose, make the commitment to stay for the suggested length of time.)
*Be still and present (Yin Yoga is not a passive yoga, it is a practice that requires mind/body connection. Although we make the commitment to be still, we are Always listening to our bodies and are willing to adjust if need be)

***Cannabis Education:

Cannabis is an ancient medicine that has been used by humans, all over the world, for thousands of years.
The medicinal properties and healing potential of cannabis have been harnessed and utilized for millennia.

The Healing Cannabis Retreat is dedicated to sharing the benefits and healing qualities of Marijuana with our guest.
We aim to create a safe and loving environment where individuals can explore the variety of ways one can consume and utilize Cannabis.

Learn Cannabis terminology, basic History and some up to date Scientific research, that supports the fact that Cannabis is a Medicine and has the potential to reverse certain diseases, decrease pain, increase appetite and so much more!!
Explore Strains, and learn what different strains can offer, (High CBD, Low THC, and visa versa).
Lets talk about Growing methods, (Soil, nutrients, Green House, Out door) and the Future of Cannabis, (Where do we go from here, what are my legal rights?)

Plant your own Cannabis Seed and Take your Baby home with you! (Pick a strain that you are interested in and then plant your little baby!) We will be demonstrating proper planting techniques and share tools that assist with seed growth.

***Personalized Henna:
Mehndi or “Mehendi” is a form of body art from Ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person’s body, using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the Henna Plant. The beauty of this Art speaks to the heart and impresses the eye.

Learn some History of Henna and its many uses.
Express yourself through Henna Art and
Enjoy a personalized Henna Tattoo by Charlotte Walston, an amazing Henna Artist and Owner of Spiraled Heart Designs.

***Thai Massage:
Relax and appreciate a 45 minute Thai Massage with Anja. Ease your mind and body as you slip into a restful and peaceful state.
Anja incorporates healing herbal packs into her Thai Massage routine. These herbal packs are loaded with healing and restorative herbs that aide in relaxing the muscles, soothing tension and aiding in the over all healing process.
These herbs include: Traditional Thai dried herbs (Siamese yellow ginger, cinnamon leaves, lemongrass, camphor, borneol flakes, eucalyptus leaves, tamarind leaves, fatalijone, and kaffir lime peel & leaves) as well as fresh Persian, limes and lemongrass, dried lavender, roses and jasmine flowers, local lemon verbena and curry plant flowers, and (from her own garden!) comfrey, mullein, cleavers, oregano and rosemary.
This Private Thai Massage coupled with the sounds of Nature and the roaring Yuba River is bound to create a once in a lifetime experience.

***Enjoy a variety of Cannabis Products
Have you every tried Cannabis in your food? Taste the flavors of ganja as we enjoy a Raw Cannabis Cheese Cake.
Would you like to experience the natural vibes of a Steam Chalice? Sit by the fire with us and pass around the Steam Chalice (made by our Friends Atum and Inique, from Jamaica.) Its an all natural vaporizer!
Lets sample a variety of strains and savor the terpenes..
Enjoy an assortment of in-door, green house and out door herb brought to you by Canna Sacred Healing, a local farm and consultant company.

***Nourishing Vegan Meals
Let the flavors and benefits of Organic and Vegan food entice your senses!
Enjoy three delicious Vegan meals a day, provided by the distinctive catering company “Wonderer”.
We will be sampling a variety of delicious vegan desserts.
Savor Raw Strawberry Cheese cake, (Cannabis and non cannabis options available.)
We also provide Cleansing Herbal teas as well as unlimited cucumber and lemon water, to aide in the Healing experience.

After a winter of heavy foods, it always feels good to dedicate some time to easing off of the high fat, high calorie foods, and shifting into lighter and healthier meals.
The Healing Cannabis Retreat offers a perfect balance of delicious, hot, and flavor filled foods, as well as, light, fresh and Organic Fruits and Vegetables with each meal.
Wake up right on the river;
Sip your morning Tea or Coffee and listen to the sound of the roaring Yuba River as she flows through the sacred crevice within the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Take in the aromas, and allow your senses to be filled as we enjoy Candle Lit meals each day on the Yuba River!

***River Front Cabins
All of our cabins are located right on the Yuba River.
Each Cabin is equipped with decks that over look the river.
Wake up in the morning and sit quietly under a canopy of Pine and Cedar trees..
Breath in the fresh mountain air and allow the sights and sounds of the river to consume your senses and remind you of just how beautiful life and nature really are.

*We will have nightly bon fires, as well as individual fire places in each cabin, with unlimited wood.

*There will be plenty of time for quiet and personal reflection. Enjoy relaxing by the crystal clear flowing waters of the Yuba River, or get on your hiking boots and go on an adventure on the many trails that are available in the area.


*Shared Room $600
(full bed, in a shared room)
Shared bathroom, living room, kitchen and deck over looking the Yuba river.

*Shared Room $800
(Queen Bed in a shared room)
Shared bathroom, living room, kitchen and deck over looking the Yuba river.

*Private Room $900
(One queen bed in private room)
Shared bathroom, living room, kitchen and deck over looking the Yuba river.

*Master Bedroom $1000
Private Master BedRoom, Private Bathroom
Shared Living room, kitchen and wrap around deck

I am open to down payments and payment plans. Contact me with any questions..


Please Read Contract before registering

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