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Group Audio Attunement Webcasts from Full Dawn Circle are a method of alignment with the Divine through frequencies of Divine Intelligence which increase our receptivity to and awareness of Divine Presence. The numerous frequencies themselves and their flow are provided by Divine Intelligence. When we hear the frequencies or feel their vibrations, this serves to awaken Divine Intelligence within us, which then acts on all the layers of our being to release subtle resistances, so that we may experience Divine Presence more profoundly.

Joel founded Full Dawn Circle to share authentic recognition of the Divine, to inspire sincere exploration into one’s true nature, and to promote fellowship with others who share in the vision of Divine Reality. Here you can find guidance and support in your spiritual journey to align with the Divine and Its Presence, and to prepare to receive Divine Grace, the cause of Awakening. More information is available at

A recording of the webcast will be available for 72 hours after the webcast ends.

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